10 Things That Matter When You Are Learning Facebook Management

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Facebook Management: 10 Things That Matter

Post, like, and share. Sounds familiar, right? I know you are thinking of none other than Facebook! Facebook has a huge number of users counting to 1 Billion up to date. It is undeniably the most visited and the most popular social media site in the world.

On that note, Facebook’s purpose expands after opening a window for some important features aside from connecting to other people who are far away from you. Facebook is also a bustling avenue for advertisements and marketing. Many businesses, both small-time and magnates, are engaging themselves on Facebook marketing.

From a billion users, your Facebook account should stand out from the others. This could also help you in using Facebook as part of your business investments. Sounds difficult? Well, worry no more as I hand to you the 10 things you should know in learning how to manage your Facebook account.

Facebook Management: 10 Things That Matter

1. Use Attractive Photos

Photos are the first things people look out for in Facebook accounts. After knowing the name, they look at the picture, both profile and cover photos, and determine if they are on the right page.

Your profile picture as well as the cover photo could vary depending on the season, what is trending, or what’s new with your account. Don’t be confused in just following the trend and showing yourself in the photos. You can integrate ideas that will represent the best of both worlds.

After securing a good photo representation of the page, the duty of maintaining enticing photos in your wall continues. After adding or liking your account, they expect to see more exciting photos which can inspire them or get hooked more of what you are promoting. Photos can really help you and can be the greatest key of your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

2. Be Entertaining

In Facebook marketing, entertaining doesn't only mean to give joy and laughter. Entertainment in this social media account means getting your audience’s full-attention whenever you post something.

Aside from a good photo, a catchy caption could add up to the excitement as well. If it is just a plain text that you are posting, play on words a little and do not stick to simple and dull statements. Instead of greeting “good day”, try “we are as good as this day, aren’t we?” With these killer lines, I am sure more of your followers cannot wait for your next post.

In Facebook marketing, being reachable also applies. Being entertaining can start up a positive relationship to your followers. This can give them a comfortable feeling towards you and secure an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

3. Know Your Followers and Be Relevant

Like any other business venture, Facebook marketing strategy requires you know your audience and followers or friends. Know what's relevant to your audience. Things and events on social media quickly progresses, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Be knowledgeable about various trends in Facebook and integrate them on your posts. These are the things that you can share to be relevant:
  • Join thematic posting such as Throwback Thursday, Forward Friday, food porn, or even themes related to current issues such as Love Wins.
  • Share memes or create your own.
  • Make a fill in the blanks post. This will certify an engagement for your followers. You can start to post a fill in the blank famous quotes, what they are doing, or completing an open-ended post.
  • Share photo quotes with motivational messages. Most of the people online like to share these kinds of post.
  • Impart trending and relevant news. We all need to know what’s with the world. And you should show the world that you care and encourage everyone to care.
  • If possible, conduct a mini-contest. Who doesn’t like winning? Conduct a simple competition that every can be engaged to and can gain something with lesser effort.

4. Interact With Your Followers

As a part of your Facebook marketing strategy, it is very important to interact with others. Being in social media without socializing is useless. Respond to their comments, give them praises whenever they have shared something useful, or reply on a follower’s good thoughts with the same thing.

Followers usually ask questions through comments and messages. Managing to reply on these concerns can boost your credibility. This can also imply that you are ready and open for innovations set by your audience and show that you are not with a higher level compared to them.

5. Share Videos

Sharing videos maximizes the advantage of Facebook. Aside from photos, interesting videos attract people. Videos are literally the moving presentation of your ideas.

Some people on the web hate reading a lot. Inculcating videos on your account can help you in presenting longer things that you need to show your audience. You can also upload shorter but informative, or you can share trending videos. These initiatives can show that you are relevant and worth following for.

6. Use Hashtag

#YouCanMakeIt. In Facebook marketing, hashtag can help you in a lot of things. You can be more searchable and by this, your followers can easily join conversations in Facebook related to your page.

Hashtags can help you in filtering topics and posts. Also, you can raise awareness through hashtags. Fans are also using hashtags on Facebook to connect to each other. If they are interested on the same path, they would normally hashtag it. Through this, their interests are in trend.

So if you can start a hashtag post, do it! There’s a bigger chance for your hashtag to be popular. And, People in social media adapt what’s in trend, most especially those hashtagged posts.

7. Open Discussions and Ask Questions

Like in classrooms, people in Facebook like to voice out their opinions and engage themselves in discussions. If you can put up a great topic or a mind-blowing question, post it! If your post can interest your audience, it is impossible to be ignored in their timelines.

Make use of this feature of Facebook that whenever someone commentes or participates in a discussion, it will surely show up on theirs and their friends’ newsfeed.

You can also do surveys. Just keep in mind that the question must be unique but still easy to understand and short.

8. Share Your Followers Creativity

Appreciating and sharing others' creativity can be a great key in your Facebook marketing strategy. You can share fan-made videos, photos, or posts that are related to your page or account. This is a great way of appreciating your audience and building good relationships.

Remember that showing any kind of admiration and appreciation can make anyone feel valued. By this, people will know you are not just after the likes but want to build good connections on Facebook.

9. Be Patient and Be Positive

Yes, I know that the steps above are simple things to accomplish. But these initiatives can take longer time than you expect to get established. Success in Facebook cannot be attained over night. Mix- matching tactics and improving your Facebook marketing strategy are some of the things you need to keep working on.

If you think something is working for your account, then focus on it. If some don’t work, improve or lessen your attention on them. If all of the other things listed above are just newly implemented, wait for the result. Appreciate every like, share, and comment. And continue doing the latter parts.

Be positive. Positivity attracts positive vibes! People are on Facebook to enjoy, and so are you. Enjoy everything you are doing. By doing this, you can face and do all of the efforts in Facebook marketing with a light heart. Keep in mind that success also defines self-satisfaction and enjoyment in whatever we do. So don’t forget to enjoy, stay focused, and be positive.

10. Be Online Consistently and Regularly

This is the most important thing to keep in mind about Facebook management. This is like going to school regularly to not miss out things so much. By being frequently online, you can know latest updates, hottest trends, and current news that can aid you in doing the other tips listed above. Besides, you will have a hard time accomplishing the other tips if you don't visit Facebook that often. You should update things regularly and post consistently.

Remember that there are billions of people on Facebook so there is a high-risk of being easily forgotten if you don't do this habitually. Posting frequently can give your post a better chance of being viewed and read. However, remember not to post too much. Focus on quality over quantity. It is better to think clearly whenever you post or do something in the online world.

Facebook marketing and advertising on that social media platform is a simple but good investment. It may be a simple site to communicate to others, especially those who are away, but this can also help in boosting your potentials in promoting something. Always remember the things shared. Reach the world and be a step closer to being successful!

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