Undergraduate Scholarships and Study Abroad Programmes for International Students

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Undergraduate Scholarships and Study Abroad Programmes

If anything can effectively sum up the current state of the world, it’s the reduction of all geographical and cultural barriers. Technology has not just turned the world into a smaller place geographically but has also brought it culturally closer.

The ease with which we can travel over vast distances and the pleasantness with which we can engage with people of other lands is something which did not exist in the past. This has boosted international co-operation in all fields, especially the education field. With such an open environment for education and several study abroad programmes, it’s not only possible but considerably easy to pursue your education in foreign countries.

Studying abroad will benefit you and your career in numerous ways. It will open up your mind as you will get to see new things and ways which you have never seen before. The lure for studying abroad is so strong that you won’t find a student who is not interested in studying in reputed universities across the international borders, unless they have not received career counseling in high schools, which is very essential for them so that they get an idea about how to pursue their careers from a young age.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Study Abroad Programmes for International Students

Benefits of studying abroad

1. More exposure

Naturally, studying in a bigger institution with more people from diverse backgrounds will give you more exposure to the real world along with your studies. The more diversified environment you live in, the more insights you will gain, something your regional institutions cannot offer you, no matter how reputed they are.

2. You get to learn more

Foreign universities are famous for a reason. They offer better quality education. The resources they provide are more and better when compared to regional universities. This is the major factor which attracts students towards them from all across the world. To put it in simple words, foreign universities offer you more learning opportunities.

3. You get to see the world

Since the olden days, people with great ambitions have always included exploring the world as one of their passions. Studying in a foreign country offers you a chance to travel across international borders. It’s a proven fact that travelling is one of the most educating activities along with being the most entertaining one.

4. You get to witness different cultures and languages

Studying in a foreign country will give you the opportunity to interact with its people. You will learn different languages which will give you a huge advantage in future. You will also get to learn the regional customs and traditions which will enrich your cultural knowledge.

5. More recognition

A degree from a reputed foreign university will bring you more reputation when compared to other regional institutes. It will show that you had enough passion to learn from the best place despite the distance.

6. Career options

As you may know, a degree from a reputed institution always brings better career options and more employment prospects. Employers are always on a look-out for a person who has greater exposure than regional candidates. A foreign degree from a good college outlines better standard of education.

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Scholarships and how to find them

Scholarships are basically awards in terms of financial aid for students who have shown talent and potential through their past academic performances. There are numerous scholarships for meritorious students, often specified by a certain criteria. The major factor which defines a scholarship is that it’s not meant to be paid back like student loans.

Following are some guidelines which will help you in locating scholarships to pursue your education.

1. Research in advance and check your eligibility

Even if you are still a student at school, start your research about scholarships which are available for the country in which you want to study. Stay abreast of all its developments and notifications. Check whether you are eligible for that particular scholarship. It’s also advised that you keep tabs on a number of scholarships for which you are suited. This will help you in applying first when the time comes

2. Keep your documents ready

Always be ready and organized with all your documents. Check the list of required documents and have them ready beforehand. This will save you time and will help you in being one of the first applicants for the scholarship. Include all the required information in scholarship forms with accuracy. The more information you include, the more authentic your profile will appear. Also make sure that no wrong information is included in the form as it will seriously reduce your chances in getting the scholarship.

3. Provide references

References are very important when you are applying for a scholarship. Provide the required number of references along with complete details and contact information. Select your references very carefully. It’s not a bad idea to add one additional reference to stay safe. Inform the people whom you have named as your references and explain to them about the scholarship in detail. Make sure they know about you, your qualifications and your skills.

4. Don’t miss the scholarship deadline

Make sure your application reaches the concerned officials before the deadline. Have your form proof-read by someone appropriate before you mail your form.

Many students, despite aspiring to study abroad, do not possess the required financial resources. What is more unfortunate is that many of them are not aware that there are many international scholarships for undergraduates which can help them in overcoming the financial setbacks that bar them from pursuing their dreams. It’s surprising and saddening that several scholarships go unused due to lack of applicants each year. Therefore, it’s important that you research well for all the scholarships which suit your preferences and for which you are eligible.

Missing an opportunity due to the lack of resources is understandable. However, missing an opportunity despite the possibility of getting the resources required for it is nothing short of a tragedy. Do not miss opportunities which are banging their fists on your door.

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