National Universities Commission (NUC) Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Nigerian Students

Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development (PRESSID)

Course(s) Offered: Several fields
Course Level: Graduate (masters)
Provider: Fed Govt of Nigeria
Country to Study in: Any country

Scholarship Description
As part of efforts to achieve the goals of Vision 20:2020 and the Transformation Agenda, the Federal Government of Nigeria is developing a critical mass of professionals who would serve as catalysts of change and agents of scientific and technological advancement, as well as sustainable economic development.

This is being achieved through the sponsorship of outstanding students for postgraduate studies at the top 25 world universities through the Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development (PRESSID).

The PRESSID Implementation Committee now invites applications from qualified candidates for the third edition of the PRESSID scheme (2014/2015 academic session).

National Universities Commission (NUC) Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme
Eligibility criteria
Interested candidates should:
  • be graduates from the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 academic sessions, who would have completed their National Youth Service by October 2014;
  • have obtained First Class Honours degree from any recognized and approved University in the following disciplines and aim at postgraduate degrees in the specified and allied disciplines:
    • Sciences: Nuclear Physics, Operations Research, Industrial Chemistry, Quantitative Genetics, Biometrics, Molecular Biology, etc 
    • Medicine: Clinical Sciences, Dentistry, Oncology, Human Genetics, Forensic Medicine, Physiotherapy, Hepatology, Nuclear Medicine, Geriatrics, ophthalmology. etc.; 
    • Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Parasitology, Theriogenology, Public Health, etc; 
    • Basic Medical Sciences: Biochemistry, Physiology, Dentistry, Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Human Nutrition, Nursing Science, Anatomic and Molecular Pathology, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Microbiology, Physiotherapy Pharmacology, etc; 
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Drug formulations, Natural products, Drug design, Phytochemistry, Ethnopharmacology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, etc; 
    • Accounting/Actuarial Science: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Petroleum Accounting, Management Accounting, Environmental Accounting, etc; 
    • Economics: Econometrics, Development Economics, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Applied Economics, Labour Economics, etc; 
    • Engineering: Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronics, Control Systems, Material Science and Production Engineering, Nanotechnology, Process Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Refinery Design arid Operations, Subsea Engineering, Thermal Power (Gas Turbine Option), Reservoir Analysis, Drilling Optimization, Chemical Process Dynamics & Control, Process Modelling and Simulations, etc; 
    • Computing and Information Technology: Intelligent Robotic Systems, Computer Systems and Software Engineering Computer Information Systems, information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Security, etc. 
***In the case of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and. Pharmaceutical Sciences, candidates must have a minimum of 2 Distinctions in their Part 3 and Part 4 MBBS examinations or in their final results.

In all cases, candidates must:
  • be below 30 years of age by October 2014;
  • be computer literate; and
  • be ready to be bonded and to work, preferably, as academic staff in any public university or research institute for a minimum period of five (5) years.
Please note that universities in the United States of America, USA, require candidates to sit for the Graduate Record Exams (GRE) before they can secure admission.

Eligible groups
Citizens of Nigeria (graduating from recognised/approved universities in Nigeria)

Participating Institutions
The top 25 universities in the world -- visit the official website via link below for a list of the current schools OR see the list below.

You may view the list of universities below:
  1. University of Cambridge, UK
  2. Harvard University , USA
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. Yale University, USA
  5. University of Oxford, UK
  6. Imperial College, London
  7. University College, London
  8. University of Chicago, USA
  9. University of Pennsylvania, USA
  10. Columbia University, USA
  11. Stanford University, USA
  12. California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), USA
  13. Princeton University, USA
  14. University of Michigan, USA
  15. Cornell University, USA
  16. Johns Hopkins University, USA
  17. McGill University, USA
  19. Duke University, USA
  20. University of Edinburgh, UK
  21. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  22. University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG
  23. University of Toronto, USA
  24. NorthWestern University, USA
  25. University of Tokyo
Fields of study
Postgraduate level study in all fields related to scientific and technological advancement, as well as sustainable economic development.

These will include, but not limited to, the Sciences, Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Special aspects of Biology, Nuclear Physics, Quantitative Genetics, Medical Biochemistry, Aeronautical engineering, and many others.

Number of awards
At least one hundred (100) scholarships will be awarded every year

Sponsorship duration
This would last the whole duration of the program

Method of Application
Interested candidates should visit the official website (link to it is below) to apply online. You are advised to cross check with the courses offered by your preferred institution before completing your application.

It is very important to note that you are required to apply only once. You will be DISQUALIFIED if you apply twice.

All applications must have been received on or before the closing date of 18th October, 2014.

You NEED to cross check the courses offered by your preferred institution before completing your application.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for further screening.

For further enquiries, please contact the Scholarship Committee through or

Application Deadline: 18 October 2014
Open to International students: No (ONLY Nigerians)

More Scholarship Information and Application

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