Top 100 Business Schools in the World for International Students

Top World Business Schools

International student enrollment continues to rise. A report says a November 2012 report of the Institute of International Education show total of 764,495 international students enrolled at colleges and universities across USA in the 2011-2012 school year - a 5.7 percent increase from the previous year.

Business schools and colleges across the world have followed the same pattern. And students need to know the best-ranked business schools and colleges to choose from.

Study & Scholarships have below reproduced an abridged version of the top 200 business schools in the world according to Academic Ranking of World Universities in Economics / Business for the year 2013 compiled by the Academic Ranking Of World Universities, a well-known authority in world university rankings. [This may not be the most current ranking but the latest ranking has only changed a little from the list below. Happy applications!]

Top 100 World Universities in Economics / Business - 2013

World rankInstitution
1 Harvard University
2University of Chicago
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
4Stanford University
5University of California, Berkeley
6Columbia University
7Princeton University
8University of Pennsylvania
9New York University
10Northwestern University
11Yale University
12University of California, Los Angeles
13London School of Economics and Political Science
14Carnegie Mellon University
15University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
16University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
17University of Cambridge
18Indiana University Bloomington
19University of California, San Diego
20Duke University
21Arizona State University - Tempe
22University of Oxford
23The University of Texas at Austin
24University of Maryland, College Park
25Michigan State University
26Cornell University
27The Ohio State University - Columbus
28University of Washington
29University of Wisconsin - Madison
30University of Warwick
31University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
31Washington University in St. Louis
33University of British Columbia
34University of Rochester
35Boston University
37University of Southern California
38Dartmouth College
39University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
40Pennsylvania State University - University Park
41Texas A&M University - College Station
42The University of Texas at Dallas
43Vanderbilt University
44Erasmus University
45The Johns Hopkins University
46California Institute of Technology
47Tilburg University
48University of Alberta
48University of South Carolina - Columbia
48University of Toronto
51-75Boston College
51-75Brigham Young University
51-75Brown University
51-75Emory University
51-75George Mason University
51-75Georgetown University
51-75London Business School
51-75McGill University
51-75McMaster University
51-75North Carolina State University - Raleigh
51-75Purdue University - West Lafayette
51-75Rice University
51-75Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick
51-75The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
51-75The University of Western Ontario
51-75University College London
51-75University of Amsterdam
51-75University of California, Santa Barbara
51-75University of Colorado at Boulder
51-75University of Florida
51-75University of Miami
51-75University of Montreal
51-75University of Pittsburgh
51-75University of Virginia
51-75University of Zurich
76-100Case Western Reserve University
76-100City University New York - Baruch College
76-100City University of Hong Kong
76-100Colorado State University
76-100Copenhagen Business School
76-100Georgia Institute of Technology
76-100Iowa State University
76-100National University of Singapore
76-100Queen's University
76-100Tel Aviv University
76-100Texas Christian University
76-100Texas Tech University
76-100The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
76-100The University of Georgia
76-100University of Arizona
76-100University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
76-100University of Copenhagen
76-100University of Groningen
76-100University of Houston
76-100University of Melbourne
76-100University of New South Wales
76-100University of Notre Dame
76-100University of Oklahoma - Norman
76-100University of Utah
76-100VU University Amsterdam

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

Source: Academic Ranking of World Universities in Economics / Business - 2013

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