7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students to Study In USA

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship

Course(s) Offered: Business Admin
Course Level: Graduate (masters - MBA)
Provider: 7UP Bottling Company Plc
Country to Study in: USA

International Careers Festival for Student Diplomats (Scholarships Available)

International Careers Festival

Course(s) Offered: Several disciplines
Course Level: Conference
Provider: Giovani nel Mondo Association
Country to Study in: Rome (Italy)

University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Up to $40,000 to Study in Australia)

Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme (VCIS)

Course(s) Offered: All disciplines
Course Level: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Provider: University of Sydney
Country to Study in: Australia

University of Fribourg Switzerland Scholarship for Young Foreign PhD and Post-PhD Students

In Fribourg with a scholarship:
Scholarship of the University of Fribourg

Course(s) Offered: All areas
Course Level: Graduate (PhD, PostDoc)
Provider: University of Fribourg
Country to Study in: Switzerland

University of East Anglia International Development Scholarships for Foreign Masters Students

School of International Development Excellence Awards

Course(s) Offered: Development fields
Course Level: Graduate (masters)
Provider: University of East Anglia
Country to Study in: UK

KAAD Germany Masters and Research Scholarships for Developing Countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Near & Middle East)

KAAD Scholarship Program 1

Course(s) Offered: Any field
Course Level: Postgraduate (masters, PhD)
Provider: KAAD
Country to Study in: Germany

50 University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships for Study in Australia

International Undergraduate Scholarship

Course(s) Offered: Any field
Course Level: Undergraduate (bachelors degree)
Provider: University of Melbourne
Country to Study in: Australia

Michigan State University MasterCard Scholarships in USA for Masters African Students (Masters Call NOW OPEN!)

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Course(s) Offered: All available
Course Level: Undergraduate, Graduate (Masters)
Provider: MasterCard Foundation
Country to Study in: USA

VLIR-UOS Belgium Training and Masters Scholarships for Africans, Asians and Latin-Americans

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

Course(s) Offered: Development-related fields
Course Level: Graduate (training, masters)
Provider: VLIR-UOS
Country to Study in: Belgium

Max Planck International Fellowship Program in Microbiology for PhD Studies in Germany

International Max Planck Research School:
International PhD programme

Course(s) Offered: Microbiology
Course Level: Graduate (PhD)
Provider: Max Planck Society
Country to Study in: Germany

PTDF Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Masters and PhD Students

Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme Under PTDF Strategic Partnerships

Course(s) Offered: Oil & Gas related
Course Level: Masters, Doctoral
Provider: PTDF
Country to Study in: Germany, France, China