International Careers Festival for Student Diplomats (Scholarships Available)

International Careers Festival

Course(s) Offered: Several disciplines
Course Level: Conference
Provider: Giovani nel Mondo Association
Country to Study in: Rome (Italy)

Scholarship Description
Are you an aspiring diplomat or international officer in the business world or a non-profit sector? Do you want to launch your career and step up your game to a different level? In such case, you cannot miss the International Careers Festival!

Designed by the Giovani nel Mondo Association, The International Careers Festival aims to have talented students and recent graduates meet with hundreds of international opportunities. You might be just a single click from the opportunity that will change your whole life! Join thousands of young people from around the world and take part in a one-of-a-kind festival.

International Careers Festival offers you various workshops and seminars, stands where students can directly acquire practical skills, and not to mention the acclaimed marathon and final concert planned as the coronation of this annual event. Furthermore, the Festival has an area which is entirely open to the public: the International Careers Fair.

Students enrolled in the following programs can apply as participants for the International Careers Festival:
  • High school students in their last two years;
  • Undergraduate students;
  • Postgraduate students;
  • I or II Level Master’s students ;
  • Students who have graduated (no more than a year after receiving their diploma);
  • Doctorate students;
A B1 level of English (in accordance with the European standard) is required in order to participate in the Festival. As you complete your application form, you will be asked to upload a certificate or to take an online English test provided by Wall Street English.

Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries

Fields of study
The Festival is composed of four main projects:
  • Rome Model United Nations – It’s your turn to practice diplomacy with the simulation of the United Nations. Recommended for students interested in the topic, especially of international relations, diplomacy, political science or law.
  • Rome Business Game – It’s your time to take the challenge! Take part in a simulation of business realities involving case study competitions. If you study economics, business, management, marketing, computer science/engineering, students/graduates of Polytechnical institutions or if you are curious about this topic you are more than welcome to join.
  • Rome Press Game – This is the place where journalism and media (the web, tv, radio) simulation happens. It’s your time to play! Sign up today, especially if you study languages, communication, media, translation and interpretation, literature or philosophy.
  • International Careers Course – Provides you guidance course filled with practical workshops for a successful international career. Sounds exciting? It’s your time to learn!
You are free to choose the one most suited to your academic background, professional aspirations or general interest.

If you are applying for a scholarship, please note that precedence will be given to those applying from the faculties mentioned above. For the International Careers Course: ALL FACULTIES WELCOME TO APPLY

Number of awards
There are a limited number of places for all four projects. About 200 awardees will benefit

Sponsorship duration
24th-27th of March 2018

Scholarship benefits
Can be Partial or Full. Scholarships DO NOT cover travel expenses. Many students who could not afford to come to our events would use crowdfunding sites to try and pay for fees and/or flights.

Above all, the festival gives a unique opportunity for interaction and networking between brilliant young people, institutions, companies, NGOs, international organizations, and television and radio networks. It’s your time to get involved!

International Careers Fair
During the festival, you can take part in International Careers Fair. It is a large exhibition area open to both participants and the public alike. It will be divided into two different sections the education/university area and the work/internship area.

The Fair is the meeting and interaction point between thousands of students, whether they are looking for studying, training, internship, work opportunities, and industry experts.

Therefore, Rome will be an unprecedented stage of ambition and tenacity, innovation and cooperation, and languages and cultures from around the world.

Method of Application
In order to participate, you must complete the application form and pass the selection process. The application form can be found in the APPLY section of the website. The application process and selection procedure is the same for all four projects and more information can be found in the APPLICATION section of the website. You may also apply for a scholarship to cover all programme expenses.

The application procedures are completely automatic and are as follows: APPLICATION -> ENGLISH TEST (if necessary) -> REGISTRATION OR SCHOLARSHIP.

The following deadlines and requirements apply for all four projects of the Festival, that is, the RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game, and the International Careers Course: December 15th 2017 - Deadline for scholarship applications; and December 22nd 2017 - First deadline for applications and admission tests. If there are vacancies after the first deadline, there will be a second deadline of January 26th, 2018

The scholarships are very competitive, therefore we recommend that you apply for a scholarship in the case that you cannot attend the event without one or if you believe you have all the required qualifications.

Application Deadline: 26 January 2018
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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