How To Write The Ideal Cover Letter For A Successful Internship Application

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Ideal Internship Cover Letter Examples

Internship cover letters are written with the sole intent of selling yourself, so an effective internship cover letter would be one that guarantees you for an interview. This article gives practical insight into how to write an effective letter for a successful internship application. It presents several internship cover letter examples that you can follow.

There are several ways to compose the ideal cover letter. And according to the way it is written and presented, some styles favor more than the other. It is up to you which approach and style suits best.

Here are some of the most ideal internship cover letter examples.

1). Sample internship cover letter for marketing students:

My exceptional personal skills and my status as a University of San Carlos business student, currently in my junior year majoring in marketing, makes me the ideal candidate for a semestral internship at your company, Lawson & Brokerage Firm.

I have heard only good things about your company. It's excellent reputation for customer satisfaction precedes my decision for a career option at your company. And I know working for Lawson & Brokerage Firm would only do good to my future endeavors.

In terms of qualifications, I have earned exceptional units in sales and customer relationship management. I also am well versed in almost all computer applications. My motivation to excel will make me an asset to your marketing department.

I am sure that it would be worthwhile for us to meet. I will contact you within a week so that I can schedule an interview. I would also gladly provide additional details before that time; you may reach me via cell-phone 9107 - XXXX or via my email abc@example .com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

2). Sample internship cover letter for medical students:

I am eagerly applying for the medical intern assistant you posted on your website dated last Wednesday, June 08, 2016. I am confident I can meet the demands of this job. I can begin work for Cinco Health Clinic on June 25, 2016.

I have the know-how you seek. Currently, I am attending Nanyang University and will be receiving within this year my bachelor degree for Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in human movement. My GPA is 3.8 in my major on a 4.0 scale.

I am no stranger to work. During summers these past two years, I have been a volunteer at St. Charles Nursing Home, where I help the elderly in eating, playing games, and talking to them. I am also a volunteer at various Physical Therapy clinics, where I work with people in helping children with Cerebral Palsy.

I am very confident I can do this job. I would be proud to join you and your staff. Could I schedule a meeting with you at your earliest convenience? I will contact you within a week so that I can schedule an interview. It will also be my pleasure to discuss additional details with you beforehand. You can reach me on my contact number: 888-888-8888.

Thank you for considering my cover letter.

3). Sample internship cover letter for students:

I am applying for the office intern position posted on the Sunday issue, May 23, 2008 of Sunstar Daily. As the accompanying resume details, I have the requirements you need. In brief, here is a comparison of your requirements and my preparation to meet them.

1. You Need: An independent, detail-oriented individual having excellent communication skills, particularly in financial collections.
My Qualification: My on-the-job training experience at Pag-IBIG Fund had specifically prepared me in collection cases. Among my responsibilities are composing mail solicitations, and conducting follow-up calls on our extensive list of clients.

2. You Need: Must have strong computer application skills (specifically Microsoft Excel)
My Qualification: I use Microsoft Office when crafting letters and spreadsheets. I am particularly well-versed in using MS Excel.

3. You Need: Knowledge in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and collection laws and practices.
My Qualification: I am currently on my senior year at the University of San Jose with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management. In addition, I have taken additional units in real estate law and finance.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon. I am eagerly at the prospect of providing additional information, or discuss relevant details, and to meet you in person at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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