Kochi University of Technology Doctoral Scholarships in Japan for International Engineering Students

Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

Course(s) Offered: Engineering
Course Level: Graduate (Dr. Eng. or Ph.D.)
Provider: The Kochi University of Technology (KUT)
Country to Study in: Japan

Scholarship Description
The Kochi University of Technology (KUT) offers the Special Scholarship Program (SSP) on research projects in the field of Engineering for International Doctoral applicants. Through this program KUT wishes to expand and deepen international ties with academic and educational institutions all over the world.

The SSP Program was established in 2003 in order to support the development of advanced research at the Kochi University of Technology through the contribution of highly capable doctoral students, especially from foreign countries.

Every year in April and October, the university enrolls selected doctoral students to work on specific research projects. The medium of study for the students is English (except for Japanese students) while at the same time they assist their host professors as a research assistant (RA).

Kochi University of Technology (KUT) Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

Applicants are required to meet all of the following:
  1. To have or to be scheduled to acquire a master’s degree before the KUT enrollment date
  2. To be 35 years old or under at the time of enrollment
  3. To have an excellent academic record and strong bachelor’s and master’s degrees from reputable universities
  4. To have the intention, adequate knowledge and research skill to work in one of the designated research projects
  5. To have high English proficiency
  • The SSP student must work 50 hours per month for a specific research project at the university.
  • The SSP student must report his/her study and research achievements to the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering at the end of each semester. The submitted report will be evaluated by the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering.
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries

Participating Institutions
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Engineering, The Kochi University of Technology (KUT); Japan

Fields of study
Doctoral level Programs in the field of Engineering (leading to the award of the Dr. Eng. degree or Ph.D. degree depending on the research field)

Number of awards
Every year, approximately fifteen (15) doctoral students are enrolled

Sponsorship duration
The Doctoral Program will last for three (3) years

Scholarship benefits
Each student pursues a doctoral course in English while at the same time assisting his/her host professor in his/her research projects and receiving monthly payment in return for his/her contribution to the projects.

Specifically, the benefits for successful applicants include:
  • Exemption from 30,000 yen entrance examination fee, 300,000 yen enrollment fee and 535,800 yen/year tuition fee
  • To support living expenses, 150,000 yen/month is paid for research project work.
  • 150,000 yen is provided for travel and initial living costs. (given only to international applicants who are living outside Japan, and who have, or have the intention to acquire, “Student” status of Japanese residence at the time of entry into Japan)
Method of Application
To apply, applicants need to do the following: choose one or two research project(s) from the SSP Research Project List; thereafter complete and submit all required documents by post. *Please refer to List for SSP Application Documents.

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this scholarship.

All applications must be concluded by mid-March or mid-September of each year. The deadline dates for April 2019 Enrollment (The Second Deadline) and the the October 2019 Enrollment (The First Deadline) is September 14, 2018; while the October 2019 Enrollment (The Second Deadline) is March 15, 2019

Kochi University of Technology is a prefectural university in Tosa Yamada, Kami, Kōchi, Japan. After its founding in 1997, Professor Yasuharu Suematsu was its first president. Kochi University of Technology serves undergraduate, Master and Doctoral students.

Application Deadline: 14 Sept 2018 || 15 Mar 2019
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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