Institutional Scholarships for International Masters Students

Institutional Scholarships for Master’s programmes with a tuition fee in Finland

Course(s) Offered: Many fields
Course Level: Postgraduate
Provider: Finnish universities
Country to Study in: Finland

Scholarship Description
In Finland, Bachelor’s and Doctoral level programmes at higher education institutions are completely free and NOT charged any tuition fee. Several Master’s level programmes also do not charge tuition fees either, however, some Master's may charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA students.

In those Master's level programmes in which tuition fees are charged, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship directly from the Finnish higher education institution you will be studying at. This kind of institutional scholarship may also be available for researchers.

Currently, 8000 euros per year is the average annual tuition fee in those Master's programmes that charge fees. However, depending on the programme, the annual fee can be different from this average amount (currently, the tuition fees vary between the range from 2500 euros to 12 000 euros per year). The exact amount depends on the programme, so please check this directly with the university you're interested in!

For those enrolled in Master’s programmes, in Finnish higher education institutions, that charge a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA nationals

Eligible groups
All international students and researchers from any country (non-EU/EEA and EU/EEA)

Participating Institutions
Higher educational institutions in Finland.

Please note:
University of Helsinki is giving dozens of start-up grants to qualified students who are accepted to study in an International Master's Degree Programme.

Hanken School of Economics offers a limited number of scholarships for international master's degree students.

Aalto University offers scholarships for students enrolled in Master's degree programmes with tuition fees.

University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarships provide EURO 2.4 million in scholarships to academically talented international students in architecture, business, economics, education, engineering, and sciences.

Fields of study
All Master’s programmes with a tuition fee in the universities or polytechnics.

Please note this:
In selected English-language Master's degree programmes it is possible for the Finnish higher education institutions to charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA nationals during a five-year trial period 2010–2014. Depending on the programme, tuition fees may be collected starting from autumn 2010, 2011 or 2012:

List of the university Master's programmes with possible tuition fees (pdf)

List of the polytechnic (UAS) Master's programmes with possible tuition fees (pdf)

Number of awards
Several will be given. The various institutions determine the number each will award

Sponsorship duration
Throughout the whole duration of study

Scholarship benefits
Financial awards are given to fully or partially offset the cost of courses with tuition fees

Method of Application
It is usually not possible to apply for any scholarship before you have been at least provisionally accepted as a degree student or researcher. So, before you can submit any scholarship applications, you must first apply for a study/research placement.

For detailed information concerning your eligibility, the admission procedure or the application requirements, please contact the Admissions Office of the institution you are applying to.

For a list of universities and polytechnics in Finland, see our tuition free schools in Finland or visit the official '' (link to it is below). Please note that '' is not an admissions site! The site only provides official general guidelines on issues related to studying in Finland. Directly contact the Admissions Office of the institution you are applying to.

(A). First of all, remember that the academic year in Finland is divided into two terms:
  • autumn term (from August/September to December)
  • spring term (from January to the end of May)
(B). For polytechnics/universities of applied science (UAS):
  • January-February: the main application period; for studies starting in the autumn term. Application period for 2013 autumn admission: 7 Jan - 12 Feb 2013
  • August-September: the application period for studies starting in the spring term. Application period for 2014 spring admission: 2 - 13 Sept 2013
  • the application dates can also be found on the site - on the front page, or in the section "Application practicalities > Timetable for joint application" - some time before the applications open.
(C). Applying to universities:
  • the exact application times and deadlines depend on the institution and the programme
  • however, in most cases the annual application period to the university degree programmes begins between mid-November and January.
  • If in any doubt about how and when to apply, please contact the Admissions Office of the university you're interested in.
  • Those interested in post-Master's level studies (doctoral studies, research) should contact the universities of their choice directly for information on how and when to apply. Some universities may accept doctoral study applications at all times, while others may have specific application periods.
Please note:
If you are applying to a Master's programme that charges tuition fees, please contact the university/UAS directly for information on institutional scholarships. For a list of higher institutions in Finland, see our tuition free schools in Finland or visit the official '' (link to it is below). Please '' is not an admissions site!

Unless otherwise specified, the Finnish universities and polytechnics do not offer any scholarships for Bachelor’s level studies, or for those Master’s level programmes that do not carry a tuition fee. Courses at these levels are offered FREE with no tuition fee attached.

Application Deadline: Varied (see 'DEADLINES' above)
Open for International Students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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