INMED International Medicine Fellowship for Physicians

INMED International Medicine Fellowship for Physicians - a 1 Year Paid Fellowship in Africa

Course(s) Offered: International medicine
Course Level: Graduate (fellowship)
Provider: INMED
Country to Study in: Africa

Scholarship Description
This training program is created specifically for physicians who are intent on a full-time career in the field of international medicine. Equipped with the skills and experience provided by the INMED International Medicine Fellowship, graduates will be prepared to design, initiate, and lead health interventions in low-resource communities.

Application is open to physicians who at the time of initiating the Fellowship are graduates of recognized schools of medicine or osteopathy and have completed a recognized residency training program.

Eligible groups
Physicians of any nationality who fulfill the Eligibility above

Participating Institutions
INMED Institute for International Medicine, USA

Fields of study
Fellowship Educational Components:
  1. International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Course
    This course combines active on-line learning with in-class skill sessions to facilitate comprehensive attainment of the core competencies in this field.
  2. International Medicine Service Learning
    Fellows will achieve a complete a minimum of twelve months of supervised service learning at their assigned INMED International Medicine Training Site.
  3. International Medicine Presentations
    Fellows will participate at least monthly in educational activities at their INMED International Medicine Training Site designed to enhance the skills the staff at that training site. The Fellow's supervisor will advise in selecting the topics and content of these educational activities.
  4. International Medicine Research Project
    While on site, Fellows will participate in a research project relevant to the particular setting and needs of the facility. INMED will assist Fellows with appropriate support in this pursuit. Fellows must submit at least one original, peer-reviewed article regarding their research project to be submitted for publication.
Fellowship Evaluation:
Assessment of Fellows attainment of the learning objectives will be based upon:
  1. International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Course Evaluation
    This comprehensive examination is administered at the completion of the Intensive Course.
  2. International Faculty Evaluation
    Supervising faculty at the INMED International Medicine Training Site will submit written evaluations of Fellow's performance with attention to the above learning objectives.
  3. Essay Evaluation
    At the completion of their service learn experience Fellows will receive guidelines for authoring an essay regarding insights they have developed into international health issues.
  4. Research Evaluation
    Continuous feedback will be provided to Fellows as they proceed through their investigations and publication process.
Number of awards
Only a limited number of INMED International Medicine Fellowship positions are available at any given time.

Fellowship benefits
Competency Objectives:
At the completion of the INMED International Medicine Fellowship graduates in the context of a low-resource community will be able to:
  • Advocate for literacy, economic development, and effective interventions to promote health and prevent death and disability
  • Prevent, diagnose and treat the leading diseases of poverty
  • Assure that healthcare interventions are culturally appropriate
  • Design effective health interventions as part of a leadership team
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in relevant clinical skills
Current Fellowship openings include:
  • Baptist Medical Center, Ghana. INMED is accepting applications for one position with a flexible start date. Preference will be given to applicants with surgical skills. Financial support is provided, including a basic salary, travel expenses, and insurance.
  • Banso & Mbingo Hospitals, Cameroon. INMED is accepting applications for one position with a flexible start date. Preference will be given to applicants with internal medicine skills. Financial support for this position is still in process.
Method of Application
Physicians who meet the above qualifications are invited to submit an application for the INMED International Medicine Fellowship (link to official web site is below). Please contact INMED with any questions in this regard.

New applications may be submitted throughout the year.

Please note:
Certification -- Candidates who successfully complete the above requirements will be recognized as INMED International Medicine Fellows. Verification of the educational experience will be provided to any graduate's affiliated institution. Graduates are entitled to include initials F.I.M. (Fellow in International Medicine) following their names, and will be recognized at the annual Exploring Medical Missions Conference.

For more information, please contact:

INMED - Institute for International Medicine
6400 Prospect Ave, Suite 338A
Kansas City, MO 64132 USA
Phone: 816-444-6400

Fellowship Application Deadline: Rolling
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Fellowship Information and Application

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