Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative Grants for Researchers

Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative Grants

Course(s) Offered: Science, Technology
Course Level: Postgraduate (PhD, Postdoc, research)
Provider: DFID, Royal Society
Country to Study in: Africa, UK

Scholarship Description
This programme is for scientists who want to develop collaborative research consortia between scientists in sub-Saharan Africa and a research institution in the UK.

The overall aim of the scheme is to strengthen the research capacity of universities and research institution in sub-Saharan Africa by supporting the development of sustainable research networks.

The objectives are to:
  1. facilitate sustainable multidisciplinary partnerships between research groups in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK.
  2. strengthen research and training capacity in sub-Saharan African Institutions of Higher Education through the skill transfer between partner organisations of the research consortia.
  3. produce a cadre of young, talented researchers through integrated PhD scholarships and shared supervision of post-graduate students between the UK-based and African consortia members.
  4. evaluate the contributions of the Africa Initiative to supporting universities and institutions in Africa to develop sustainable research and research training capacity.
The scheme is funded by the UK's Department for International Development.

Basic eligibility requirements include:

Applicants must be based in one of the eligible sub-Saharan African countries (PDF) or the UK. In order to act as a principal investigator (PI), applicants must:
  • have a PhD or have extensive research experience at an equivalent level
  • have a proven track record of training students at Master’s and Doctoral level
  • have a proven track record of publishing in both national and international journals
  • be based in the respective countries at the time of the application
Eligible groups
Scientists or research groups in sub-Saharan Africa or the UK, who fulfill the basic criteria above

Participating Institutions
All approved Institutions of Higher Education for research in sub-Saharan African or the UK

Fields of study
Applications will be accepted in three research priority areas:
  • Water & sanitation
  • Renewable energy
  • Soil-related research
Number of awards
Not specified. However, the Royal Society currently funds about 1500 researchers throughout all its grant schemes.

Scholarship duration
Five year period (see below)

Scholarship benefits
The scheme provides funding towards research expenses, travel and subsistence costs, (PhD) training, and limited funds for equipment.

The programme consists of two awards and will be delivered in two stages, as follows.

Stage 1: Scientific Network Awards:
Scientific Network Awards are small start-up grants, of up to £25,000 to assist the formation of research consortia and the preparation of applications for the subsequent Programme Grants. The Society will organise a workshop for successful applicants to facilitate development of applications for the second phase of the programme. The Scientific Network awards programme will open for applications on 5 November 2012.

Stage 2: Programme Grants:
Programme Grants will provide support for Research Consortia, consisting of three African groups and one UK-based laboratory.

Applicants do not need to have held a Scientific Networking award to apply for a Programme Grant.

The Programme Grant may provide support of up to £1,243,000 over a five year period.

Method of Application
Applications to the Scientific Network Awards will be initially reviewed by two members of the Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative panel and then shortlisted. The shortlisted applications are reviewed by the Panel Chair and the final decision is made.

Applications to the Programme grants will be initially reviewed by three members of the Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Stengthening Initiative panel. Applications that are shortlisted will be independently peer reviewed and discussed at a panel meeting.

Applying for this scheme:
This scheme is currently open to applications.

Scientific Network Awards

Use the links below to apply for the scheme:
Closing date is 4 April 2013

Results will be announced Summer 2013.

If you have a question about this scheme, please first read the scheme notes which contain more information. If the answer is still not available, you can contact the grants team here.

Application Deadline: 4 April 2013
Open to International students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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