What You Must Know To Pass JAMB UTME 2013/2014 Exams With Resounding Success!

What You Must Know To Pass JAMB UTME 2013/2014 Exams With Resounding Success!

This is a must read for all JAMBites preparing to write the 2013/2014 UTME exams.

Read through to discover the hidden secrets of writing and passing JAMB UTME exams at one sitting and in flying colors! If equipped with the right resources and believing in your abilities, this is a dream that is very much practically achievable!!

How To Score Very High in Your Jamb UTME Examination

The available statistics of annual applicants to the Nigerian University Matriculation Examination (UTME) has kept increasing over the years, and now shooting to over one million, with an alarming percentage increase every year. See why you should do all you reasonably can to quickly gain admission into your chosen institution and move on with life?

Each year, you have more people fighting to gain admission into Nigeria's tertiary institutions. For the 2013 JAMB exams, more than one million Nigerian school-leavers who have already queued up their information on the JAMB e-portal are now gearing up for the JAMB UTME exams which is believably scheduled to hold on the 27th of April 2013.

Now, the question everyone keeps asking is this: who is going to make the JAMB cut-off mark for 2013/2014 Session? Careful observation indicate that only about 50 per cent of the total number of candidates pass JAMB exams yearly. So another question comes up: Does this same number of students gain admission into the available spaces in the Nigerian Universities/Polytechnics? Of course, the unfortunate answer is an emphatic NO! You now see my drift?

To help and guide JAMBites on what to do and what not to do to pass their JAMB exam easily, www.studyandscholarships have compiled the tips below. We hope you take them seriously as they are sure paths to JAMB exam success. As it were, your destiny will be in your hands.

Essential Tips to Pass and Score Very High in the Exams
  1. Study Hard. Ensure that you read through all necessary educational materials. This is easily accomplished by going through past JAMB question papers, after reading through the available syllabus for your chosen course. Many past JAMB question and answer books are available in the market. Buy any of them and ensure you practice the questions and become familiar with the pattern of the exams, and the answers to the questions.
  2. Know and face your weak areas. Find out the areas that give you the most problems and tackle them head on. That is the only way to overcome them! If it is maths, then solve maths! If it is accounting, then solve it! Bear in mind, though, that you must go through all subjects you will be sitting for.
  3. Hoping on help in the exam hall or cheating? This is a no-go area for any serious student. Even if you were to succeed at this with the paper based tests, the computer based exams will make this IMPOSSIBLE. Study hard to avoid being tempted to do evil. Note that anyone asking you for money to help you in any way is out to defraud you BECAUSE the computers know noone and there is no way of predicting the questions it will throw at you from its question bank (which may contain a million questions). Be warned!
  4. Speed is essential. A popular maxim goes thus: Practice maketh perfect. So practice and gain speed in the way you solve questions. This is very important! Ensure you test yourself to see how fast and how accurately you tackle questions.
  5. Know your exam center in time. If you are writing your JAMB exam in the city/state you live in, it is advisable that you locate the centre days before the examination. This will boost your confidence and avoid throwing you into confusion on the day of the exam. However, if your jamb centre is far from your location, you are advised to make adequate arrangements to be there a day or two before the exams. Trying to find out your center on the day of the exam could prove suicidal. Now you don’t want that, do you? Sure you don't!
  6. Follow all instructions. On the day of the exam, ensure you follow all instructions as given by your exam invigilators/instructors and as outlined in the question paper or computer scree. Do not enter the hall with any suspicious papers or materials. And of course, don’t engage in any exam malpractice.
  7. Plan the way you answer. When you are given your question paper, start with the QUESTIONS YOU KNOW VERY WELL before tackling the difficult ones. Please, be conscious of time. This is why you practiced both accuracy and speed before the exams. See number 4 above.
  8. Answer all questions. After you have answered all the questions you are familiar with, ensure you shade all the remaining questions intelligently, before you submit your script. Make an intelligent guess at the answers and leave no question unanswered. DO NOT leave any answer space blank! You can never know? Most of your guesses may be right! Besides, you don’t get any mark deductions for wrong answers.

What You Should Know Before Filling Your JAMB Form

From the benefit of hind-sight and careful observations over the years, a great majority of candidates fail to gain admission into the institutions of higher learning because of the following three reasons:
  • The National Universities Commission (NUC): There still isn't enough admission space for each school to go round the teeming number of students. This is most likely due to poor facilities and infrastructure of the Nigerian Universities.
  • The Federal and State Governments: Provision of funds for funding necessary projects, and wrong policies for the education sector all combine to lower the value system of that sector. And even when funds are provided, a major percentage of it is diverted into private pockets and/or suspicious and dubious channels.
  • The Students themselves: Failing to appreciate their weaknesses and strengths, they make wrong choice of schools and courses of study. Universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, etc should be chosen realistically according to one's abilities, and catchment areas of the schools! In case you don’t know this vital point, most admission offers are based on catchment ares i.e the candidate's state of origin; while less than 50 per cent is available on merit.
Did you know that about 623,069 JAMB candidates out of the 1.5 million plus who applied for the 2012 JAMB UTME are currently seeking admission from only 11 Universities? And these schools have a total carrying capacity not exceeding 70,000 persons? Do you see why majority of candidates do not gain admission even though they merit it?

There will always be cases of candidates who merit both JAMB and post UTME, but are still offered admission. What this entails is that about 554,000 persons would not be admitted into their most preferred institution, and such candidates have no choice other than to purchase the next JAMB UTME form, which in this case is Jamb 2013 Form.

And did you know that this ignorance helps in increasing the number of applicants for the next session? Even if you score 280 in your JAMB, you will be invited for post UME screening, and the institutions can only admit about 35 per cent of the candidates. So what is the solution?

It is very interesting to note that there are institutions that students rarely apply to. With these schools, your chances of being offered an admission is very high. You can be sure to apply for admission and get admitted easily. Why? Simply because few applicants know about them, and apply to them. More details on this in a later post!

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Did you know that Authorised JAMB Registration Centres are supposed to Charge Only N700? And that if you have been charged more than that, you could have them penalized?
Authorised Registration Centres Not Allowed To Charge More Than N700!!

SCAM ALERT!!! Please be informed that JAMB has not authorised any person/individual/agent/affiliate whatsoever to transact on it's behalf with regards to obtaining Access Code. Please DO NOT disclose your Access Code to anyone and disregard any information by means of SMS or email other than that on the official JAMB portal. Necessary information shall be passed via the portal ONLY.


  1. After utme what next?

    Do not depend on utme alone. Apply for ijmb
    a level programme! Tell others about it.

    For those seeking admission into
    Universities in Nigeria and have not yet been
    admitted please hurry
    now to register for IJMB A' level programme.

    You stand the opportunity of been admitted
    into 200 level with
    this A' level programme.
    Forms are on sale for 2012/2013 And
    2013/2014 academic
    You can contact Mr. Festus on 07062047607
    08155593023 for further information.

    IJMB - Interim Joint Matriculation Board
    Examination is for
    direct entry into 200 level.

    1. Hello @Anonymous, thank you for alerting the readers of this site to this alternative possibility. We always appreciate valuable contributions.

      Readers, if you want, you may read more about the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) here. Good luck to all!

  2. Pls can i knw d novel d jambites is suppose to read 4 d jamb?

    1. Hello, see the official Online JAMB Brochure for this (you may access this under "Useful Links" located on the right sidebar of this website).

  3. please, a friend of mine told me that you are not expected to answer the same paper type for 2 subject that is paper type of ur maths was D then ur geogreaphy D again, of which my 2 subject had the same paper type. Will i be penalised??

  4. blessed chigozieMay 05, 2013 10:34 PM

    please i got 197 in my jamb this year aspiring unizik under public administration. Is there any hope for me? Or should i wait 4 nxt yr?

    1. Hello @blessed, this information is only available from Unizik. Please contact their admissions dept for this

  5. can a person who got 172 get admission into michael okpara university. pls tell me

  6. Thank you admin, well explained, kudos for this!

    I took my son to the venue of his UTM-Examination last year and he sat for the Computer Based Type. the conduct was so simple and serene that any student who truly studied for the exam will pass. If I have to advise someone, I would easily suggest computer based.

    It is also important to share with students that the issue of negative marking has been resolved. There's no such thing as negative marking in JAMB.

    Thanks to the admin for keeping this blog up to date, i have for long been a loyal reader and referrer too. Keep it going. Kindly do not remove the link I gave readers above, it will help the students understand the status quo in the negative marking saga. Thanks for your work.

  7. You need to know how to study for exams to spend that time effectively