IMPERIAL Logistics Bursary and Educational Assistance Scheme for Africans

IMPERIAL Logistics Scholarship

Course(s) Offered: Any discipline
Course Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Provider: Imperial Logistics
Country to Study in: South Africa

Scholarship Description
The objectives of the Imperial Logistics Bursary Scheme are: to interest diligent students at tertiary institutes in the activities of IMPERIAL Logistics with a view to ultimately securing their services for the company AND to attract and retain high calibre employees in the belief that the future progress of the company will depend on the quality and motivation of its employees at all levels.

The bursary scheme will particularly be aimed at candidates from previously disadvantaged groups in accordance with the Divisions’ Social Upliftment programme.

To qualify for assistance under this scheme:
  • Applicants shall not necessarily be related in any way to employees, who satisfy the requirements of the bursary committee.
  • Studying in a discipline, applicable to the IMPERIAL Logistics Context.
  • In addition, applicants must:
    • meet the criteria of the bursary committee in terms of academic or scholastic achievement and leadership potential or sporting prowess;
    • accept in writing such conditions as may be imposed by the bursary committee, buy means of signing the attached bursary agreement
Selection criteria:
Because past scholastic and academic achievement, merit and assessed potential are important considerations in making awards, the bursary committee is not required to make an award where, in its view, the standard of any particular applicant is inadequate.

Participating Institutions
All accredited tertiary level institutions (i.e. universities, technical colleges or equivalent) in South Africa

Fields of study
Courses of study in ANY discipline applicable to the IMPERIAL Logistics Context

Number of awards
The number and value of awards shall be governed by the amounts of funds made available from time to time by IMPERIAL Logistics.

Sponsorship duration
Bursaries shall be granted for one year at a time and may be renewed for any succeeding year at the discretion of the bursary committee after consideration of reports from the school or other educational establishment.

As a general rule, an important prerequisite to continuation of any form of educational assistance will be satisfactory progress reports in respect of the course undertaken.

Scholarship benefits
Bursaries granted in terms of this scheme shall cover tuition fees, and may at the discretion of the bursary committee include text books, costs of special study equipment, examination fees and living allowances. The bursary committee may in its sole discretion determine the value or scope of bursaries or educational assistance granted in terms of this scheme.

Educational assistance shall, unless otherwise decided by IMPERIAL Logistics and the bursary committee, be made available annually to eligible applicants. The purpose of the scheme is to assist with the cost of education at tertiary level (i.e. universities, technical colleges or equivalent).

Assistance will be directed at applicants studying in disciplines which can be utilised within IMPERIAL Logistics.

Method of Applications
All applications for bursaries or other assistance in connection with studies must be made on the application form prescribed by IL from time to time and the bursary committee shall not consider any application which does not conform to this procedure. (Annexure attached)

The following information must accompany the application:
  • Certified identity document of applicant
  • Certified identity document of parent (if younger than 21 years)
  • Proof from institution that fees are up to date
  • Pro forma invoice from institution for prospective studies
  • Certified copy of full academic record for tertiary studies undertaken to date
  • Certified copy of matric certificate
You may want to download the Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form.

Applications will normally be handled only once a year, but this practice may be varied by agreement between the bursary committee and IMPERIAL Logistics.

This application must be completed in block letters and submitted no later than 20 February 2011.

IMPERIAL Logistics, at all times, reserves the right to cancel, in whole or in part, any assistance granted in terms of this scheme should the bursary committee have reason to believe that the recipient has failed to apply him/herself diligently and sufficiently to his/her studies or has been expelled from the educational institution concerned or leaves of his/her own accord for whatever reason.

Conditions regarding subsequent employment:
Where not already company employees, recipients of educational assistance in terms of this scheme will be encouraged, on completion of their studies, to join a division or company within IMPERIAL Logistics, if there are any vacancies, in line with their qualifications and abilities. Accordingly, the bursary committee may attach to any award such terms and conditions regarding subsequent employment as it may deem appropriate in the particular circumstances.

Subsequent employment with the company is however not necessarily a condition of making assistance available in terms of this scheme. Bursary recipients will also be required to make themselves available for vacation work, should a position be available.

Application Deadline: 20 February 2011
Open to International students: No

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