French Government Eiffel Excellence Scholarships for International Masters and PhD Students

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

Course(s) Offered: Sciences, Econs & Mgt, Law & Political science
Course Level: Graduate (masters, PhD)
Provider: EGIDE
Country to Study in: France

Scholarship Description
The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme in January 1999 as a tool to support French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students for master’s and PhD degree programs.

The programme helps to train future foreign policy makers, from the private and public sectors, in education priority areas, and encourage applications from students from developing, emerging and industrialized countries to obtain a master’s and a doctorate in relevant courses.

The Eiffel excellence program offers two components: (1) A Master component which helps fund a master level degree course from 12 to 36 months and (2) A Ph.D. component to fund mobility programs for 10 months under a thesis joint supervision or co-tutorship (preferably for the second doctoral year).

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme

The scholarships are aimed at overseas students whose talents and abilities have been recognized by French higher education establishments wishing to attract them to pursue their studies. Only foreign nationals are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the French Government.

The following are eligible:
  • Nationality: This program is for candidates of foreign nationality. In the case of dual nationality applicants, those with French nationality are not eligible.
  • Age: for programs leading to a master’s degree level, applicants must be at most 30 years old at the date of the selection committee; for PhD applicants, candidates must be aged at most 35 years old on the date of the selection committee.
  • Origin of applications: Only applications sent by the French institutions are admissible.
  • The training involved: Eligible candidates are likely to incorporate a training course of master level attested by a diploma, including engineering school, and PhD candidates. The French trainings relocated abroad are not affected, fellows, non doctoral, having to perform at least 75% of their studies in France.
  • Concurrent scholarships: Foreign students already receiving a scholarship from the French government for another program at the time of filing the application are not eligible, even if it is a scholarship that supports social coverage.
  • For Eiffel Doctoral Scholarship: an applicant who has already received an Eiffel scholarship under his PhD may not represent his candidacy again.
  • For Eiffel Master Scholarship: a candidate whose folder was not selected may not represent its application in the following years, even if they change their field of study.
  • Language level: institutions that screen non-francophone candidates must ensure that their language level is in line with the level required by the training course.
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries (EXCEPT France)

Participating Institution(s)
All centres of higher education, including universities and academic institutions, in France

Field(s) of Study
The programme focuses on three key subject areas of sciences, economics and management, law and political science. The areas of study concerned by the Eiffel scholarships are:
  • Sciences: Masters level (engineering sciences), PhD level (sciences in a broader sense -- engineering sciences, exact sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano- and bio-technology, earth and environmental sciences and information and communication sciences and technology)
  • Economics and Management
  • Law and Political sciences
Sponsorship duration
Master level courses: Maximum duration of 12 months when registering for M2, a maximum of 24 months when registering for M1 and maximum duration of 36 months when registering for an engineering science diploma.

PhD level courses: Maximum duration of 10 months. No language classes are offered for scientific and economic disciplines.

Scholarship benefits
The Eiffel programme does not cover tuition fees, though the higher education centres concerned are invited to apply the best possible financial conditions to Eiffel scholarship-holders. Enrolment fees at state-run higher education centres are waived for students on French government scholarship programmes such as this.

Master courses: Eiffel scholarship-holders receive a monthly grant allowance of 1,181 Euros. In addition, various expenses including return travel, health insurance and cultural activities are covered. Scholarship-holders may also benefit from an additional accommodation allowance.

PhD courses: Eiffel PhD scholarship-holders receive a monthly allowance of 1,400 Euros (current applicable rate) with additional allowances for one international return trip (only one return trip will be reimbursed for law and political science students who undertake several stays in France), health insurance and cultural activities. Scholarship-holders may also benefit from an additional accommodation allowance.

See the complete information on what is included in the scholarship.

Method of Application
EIFFEL scholarship applications are submitted by French Higher Education Institutions. Applications are not accepted from students themselves, or from non-French institutions. French higher education establishments shortlists the best overseas students whom they wish to enroll in their courses for Eiffel scholarships. You must meet the admission requirements of the French Institution in order to be considered.

So to apply for the scholarship, you need to apply to a French higher institution and indicate that you wish to be nominated for the scholarship. You must read the 2017 Eiffel Program Guide and also visit the official website (link to it is found below) to access the Online Application Form and other detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Applications opened on October 10th 2017, and will close on 12th January 2018. Application deadline to participating French Institutions may be earlier than this. It is advisable to apply to the school of your choice earlier than the stated deadline so that they can include you in their nomination.

Only foreign nationals are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the French Government. Applications from students currently studying outside France will be given priority over those from students already studying in France.

Application Deadline: 12 January 2018
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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