France and South Africa Science and Technology Research Program for French and South African Scientists

France and South Africa Science and Technology Research Program

Course(s) Offered: Sciences, Technology, Humanities, Social sciences
Course Level: Graduate (PhD, Postdoc)
Provider: NRF, South Africa; Ministry of foreign and European Affairs
Country to Study in: France, South Africa

Scholarship Description
Protea has been created to develop the relationship between the French and South African scientific communities through joint research.

The purpose of the co-operative programme is to encourage an exchange between researchers and to develop a synergy between the two scientific communities, thereby developing a durable network.

The co-operative research projects funded under this agreement are developed and submitted in both countries by French and South African researchers, working as partner teams and headed by two team leaders, one French and one South African, who bear the main responsibility for the project, including its technical and administrative coordination as well as scientific and financial reporting.

Each project will aim to fulfil well-defined contractual objectives and will have to dispose of the necessary means to ensure that these objectives are effectively achieved.

In South Africa this call is open to Msc-holding (preferable PhD) researchers residing in the country and affiliated with a recognised higher education or research institution such as a university, university of technology or science council.

No applications will be accepted from private companies.

Eligible groups
Citizens of South Africa and France

Participating Institutions
National Research Foundation, South Africa and Ministry of foriegn and European Affairs

Fields of study
During the present call, priority will be given to the joint research projects in the following areas:
  • Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Humanities/Social sciences
Number of awards
Not specified

Sponsorship duration
Each co-operative research project will run for a maximum duration of two years.

Scholarship benefits
Particular emphasis is to be placed on the training of students and young researchers achieved through research and the transfer of knowledge and know-how aimed at socio-economic community development.

Industrial and institutional partners involved in the projects or in the communication of its results should be officially mentioned and recognised.

The integration of young researchers and students, and the exchange of post-doctoral researchers are encouraged, as is the involvement of students and researchers from previously-disadvantaged communities.

Method of Application
The onus is on the applicant to find their own research partner.

Proposals must be received in both France and South Africa. Proposals which have only been received in either South Africa or France, but not both, will not be considered for funding.

The deadline to submit all applications is 10 December 2010

The NRF call process is highly competitive therefore application submission does not guarantee funding. The availability of funds and the evaluation of applications from both countries should be positive for them to be funded.

The NRF will not be held responsible for non-submission of the application in the partner country.

Each project financed will undergo a final evaluation in order to examine its outputs and compare the results achieved with the objectives set out at the beginning of the project. Note that both scientific and financial reporting on the project is an obligatory condition for continued funding.

Application Deadline: 10 December 2010
Open to International Applicants: No

More Scholarship Information and Application

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