10 Major Causes of Admission Failure into Nigeria Universities

Major Causes of University Admission Failure

In recent years, admissions into universities in Nigeria appear to have become more competitive and objective. Statistics show that only about five per cent applicants are actually admitted into universities. The reason is because each university must adhere to the quota given to it by NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission).

It has been observed that while few students get admitted at their first application, majority others have to apply time and again say up to four times. There are many reasons why prospective students miss admission every year despite the current transparency in the admission process.

Below are ten major reasons identified as causes of admission failure into Nigeria universities:

1. Lack of Orientation

Many Universities applicants fumble their way through application without formal orientation. By using the trial-and-error techniques of “fumbling successfully”, so many of them fumble their way through universities and courses selection, applications and so on. Granted, few of them manage to succeed but they are destined to have negative experiences. Majority others are faced with the reality of failure.

2. Parents Interference with Children Choice

Many parents have influenced their children taste when it comes to choice of courses and universities. Some parents force their children or wards to go for courses they are never meant for. Some of these children are averagely intelligent and they are asked to go for very competitive courses. Most times they end up no where. Some who even maage to get the admission are later advice to change their course or withdraw.

3. Inadequate Preparation for JAMB

Abraham Lincoln once said “I will prepare myself and wait for my opportunity”. Thousands who failed JAMB would have passed if they avail themselves to many coaching opportunities out there. Because of lack of preparation, majority who sat for JAMB failed or score lower than required.

4. Inadequate Preparation for Post UME

The numbers of students who scale through JAMB in recent years have increased greatly. Sadly though, many of them never made it through post UME. Many students just apply for post UME without formal preparation. The truth is that if you fail to prepare you are prepared to fail. Research shows that the strategies employed by most universities are similar.

5. Errors Associated with Online Registration

There are usually three stages of online registration before admission is completed we have SSCE, JAMB and Post UME most applicants usually commit error of omission and commission. They may misspell their name, gender, date of birth and other personal information. These errors or discrepancy usually delay their result and sometimes make them miss admission deadline.

6. Missing of Application Deadline and Examination Date

Many students miss out the application deadline for JAMB, Post UME and Post DE. Worse still, some will apply and miss out on the screening date especially for post UME and post DE. JAMB application too can be very frustrating. Most times the website only goes in the night making it difficult for students to apply on time.

7. Failure to Observe Admission Percentage Ratio

At the Eleventh Technical Committee meeting on admission to degree awarding institutions in Nigeria held at the Federal Universities of Minna, Niger State, Registrar and Chief Executive of JAMB Prof. Dibu Ojerinde reminded Federal establishments the ratio of 45:35:20 for merit, catchments and educational less privilege states respectively was still in force. He also emphasized the need for universities to follow the stipulated guideline of 60:40 science/Arts ratio. Unfortunately, many students do not observe this admission percentage ratio. They apply to any university without considering their chances of getting the admission.

8. High Competition from Educationally Privilege States

All Western states and some South-east states are educational privilege states. It is a common practice that most families from these areas make sure that all their children and wards attend higher institution. Because of this, application to institutions in these regions is very high. Lack of orientation has made many of them to keep applying to the same school year after year without successes. This problem however can be avoided with orientation about proper attitude to institutions.

9. Choice of Course

Choice of courses plays a major role in causes of admission failure into Nigeria higher institutions. First, is the issue of 60:40 science/arts admission ratio. We also have students who are going for courses they can not pass during post UME. Also, there are some very competitive courses like Law, Accounting, Medicine and Surgery, that there are some specific numbers of students that can be admitted for them. Because of high demand, many who apply for them are never considered for admission.

10. Examination Malpractice

There are usually penalties for examination malpractice when the person is caught. At SSCE and JAMB level, the result may be withheld or cancelled. Hence, the person may miss application deadline when the result is finally released. The situation is different though for post UME and Post DE. If you are caught that means you automatically miss the admission.

Survey has shown that these aforementioned reasons are the major causes of admission failure into Nigeria higher institutions.

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