UJ-CANSA Scholarships for Master’s and Doctoral Study 2011, South Africa

Three Master’s and two Doctoral scholarships are available for registered UJ students studying towards their Master’s or Doctorate in 2011, South Africa

Study Subject: Carcinogens – Environmental (e.g. Pollution)
  • Health Sciences – Cancer prevention and treatment
  • Animal Studies and Zoology – Elephant Bio-detection (opportunity available)
  • Socio-Psychological issues
  • Business Management – Non-profit Organisations (NPO)
  • Marketing and Communications (strategies for NPO
Employer: UJ-CANSA
Level: Masters, PhD

Scholarship Description:
All applicants must submit the following documents:
  • A completed application form
    (available at Library, Level 1 (APK) or download from the Research and Innovation Division section of www.uj.ac.za).
  • Curriculum Vitae
    (clearly indicating your study field).
  • ID document.
  • Full official academic record including all levels of tertiary study prior to your current qualification.
    Please note that academic records from student portals will NOT be accepted.
    (Do not submit certificates. Academic records must include marks.)
  • For Master’s and Doctoral students – A brief (max one page) outline of your project
    (clearly indicating the research area).
  • Letters of Reference
    (see table below for specific letters of reference required per level of study)
Level of study in 2011 | Reference reports required
1st year Master’s Two references (at least one academic lecturer or HOD) and potential supervisor
(if already identified).
2nd year Master’s Supervisor of Master’s and two references (at least one academic lecturer or HOD).
Doctoral Supervisor of Master’s; HOD of Master’s and one other reference
(preferably an academic lecturer).

Scholarship Application Deadline: 6 May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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