3 Tuition Free Schools in the United States of America

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009

In continuation of our search for schools that offer tuition-free education to students, especially foreign-based international students, Study & Scholarships decided to do some research on the possibility of such schools in the United States.

Please note that most tuition free schools in Europe are officially funded by the respective federal governments for studies to all cadre of students, both home and foreign in those countries. This situation, however, is not the same in the USA, where most of such schools on their own offer free tuition to students.

We are aware that only a few number of schools have been listed on this page. We are looking forward to add more tuition-free schools in the USA to this list as they come to our notice. You may also assist in this regard by adding tuition-free schools known to you in the USA via the 'Post a Comment' form below. We will then update it in the list.

List of Tuition Free Schools in the USA:

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    Founded in 1855 as the first interracial and coeducational college in the South, Berea College charges no tuition and admits only academically promising students, primarily from Appalachia, who have limited economic resources.
    Location: Berea, Kentucky.
    Specialty: Liberal arts college with required work-study program.
    Mode of entry: Most students score between 20 and 30 on the ACT or between 1410 and 1980 on the SAT. Applicants are expected to have a GPA of at least 3.0.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 2,083 students who applied in 2007, 28% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $23,400.
    Price students have to pay: $0
    Contact: Berea College Office of Admissions; CPO 2220; Berea, KY 40404; Phone: 859-985-3500; Toll-Free: 800-326-5948; Fax: 859-985-3512
    Website: http://www.berea.edu
    For International Students: Contact: askadmissions@berea.edu
    “Four-years of tuition and fees, leading to a baccalaureate degree in mathematics or science with initial certification to teach in middle and/or high school….Stipends for internships during the school year and summer -- Official University of New York’s Teacher Academy Website.
    Location: New York
    Specialty: The academy in its second year, prepares undergraduates to be math or science teachers in New York city’s public middle and high schools.
    Mode of entry: The school looks for applicants who are strong in science and mathematics and want to become teachers. Applicants need a high overall GPA, as well as high scores on the SAT or ACT.
    Percentage of students accepted: Out of the 400 students who applied in 2007, about 120 were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $5,000.
    Price students have to pay in tuition costs: $0. Students can earn up to $1,600 annually for fieldwork in partner host schools.
    • TA @ BMCC; 199 Chambers Street; New York, NY 10007; Phone: 212-220-1342
    • TA @ Brooklyn College; 2900 Bedford Avenue; Brooklyn, NY 11210; Phone: 718-951-5061
    • TA @ The City College; 138th Street & Convent Avenue; New York, NY 10031; Phone: 212-650-5794
    • TA @ College of Staten Island; 2800 Victory Boulevard; Staten Island, NY 10314; Phone: 718-982-3609
    • TA @ Hostos; 500 Grand Concourse; Bronx, NY 10451; Phone: 718-518-4161
    • TA @ Hunter College; 695 Park Avenue; New York, NY 10021; Phone: 212-772-4490
    • TA @ Lehman College; 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West; Bronx, NY 10468; Phone: 718-960-8706
    • TA @ Queens College; 65-30 Kissena Boulevard; Flushing, NY 11367; Phone: 718-997-5178
    • TA @ York College; 94-20 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard; Jamaica, NY 11451; Phone: 718-262-3780
    “Question: What is the student’s cash amount due for the Cost of Education? Answer: $0.00″ -- From the College of the Ozarks Official Website.
    Location: Point Lookout, Missouri.
    Specialty: Liberal arts college with required work-study program.
    Mode of entry: Ninety percent of each entering class must demonstrate financial need. Students should be in the top half of their graduating class and have at least a 19 on the ACT or a 910 on the SAT.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 2,728 students who applied in 2007, 12% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $15,900.
    Contact: College of the Ozarks; PO Box 17, Point Lookout, Mo. 65726; 1-800-222-0525
    Location: New York
    Specialty: Engineering, art, and architecture.
    Mode of entry: Applicants need to submit a portfolio and complete a home test of six or seven projects. Architecture applicants are accepted based on their academic achievement and a home test evaluation. Engineering students are admitted based on their high school average, SAT scores, and other math or science exams.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 2,551 students who applied in 2007, 11% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $31,500.
    Contact: Phone: 212-353-4100 .
    The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; Cooper Square; New York, NY 10003-7120
    Location: Philadelphia
    Specialty: Music conservatory.
    Mode of entry: The school seeks students with strong musical aptitude who want to pursue a professional music career. Students must submit an application and schedule an audition at the school.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 834 students who applied in 2007, 7% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $32,500.
    Contact: 1726 Locust Street; Philadelphia, PA 19103; phone: 215-893-5252; fax: 215-893-9065
    Location: Deep Springs, California.
    Specialty: All-male liberal arts college located in a remote desert area with a focus on academics, labor, and self-governance.
    Mode of entry: Applicants must take the SAT or ACT and complete a two-stage application.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 200 students who applied in 2007, about 7% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition (includes room and board): $50,000.
    Contact: Deep Springs College; HC 72 Box 45001; Deep Springs, CA; via Dyer, NV 89010-9803; Phone: (760) 872-2000
    Location: Needham, Massachusetts.
    Specialty: Engineering school.
    Mode of entry: The school looks for applicants with a strong engineering background. Students must have at least a B average in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as strong grades in other subjects. The average SAT score for students is 1370, out of 1600.
    Percentage of students accepted: Of the 102 students who applied in 2007, 31% were accepted.
    Estimated annual value of tuition: $28,000.
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DISCLAIMER: The above list was correct as at the time of publishing (February, 2009). Study & Scholarships is NOT responsible for any incompleteness as governments and schools may change current policies on tuition-free education. Note that schools may also change or edit their school web addresses resulting in broken links. It is wise to write admissions office of schools to ascertain most current policies.

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  1. The contact information for BEREA COLLEGE is incorrect. Prospective international students should contact askadmissions@berea.edu, not the address listed above.

  2. Annonymous,

    Thank you very much for the thoughtful correction. I am awfully sorry about the mix-up.

    The incorrect address referred to above has been corrected. Prospective international students should please take note.

    Thank you

  3. Please help me to gain admission into a tuition free school in the usa. i want to study medicine but am from a poor home in Senegal. Please help me!