Digital Lab Africa Project for Creative African Artists and Startups (€3,000 Cash Prize and Mentorship Support)

Digital Lab Africa:
Call for projects #2

Program(s) Offered: Contest
Program Level: Anyone (in Africa)
Provider: French Embassy, French Institute in South Africa
Country to Work in: France, Africa

Scholarship Description
The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, startups, students in media and creative industries in Africa.

Digital Lab Africa call for projects is open to anyone, professional or not, from the sector of multimedia content creation: artists, producers, developers, start-ups, SMEs, collectives, students or entrepreneurs, based in sub-Saharan Africa. The applicants have to be based in this region or being nationals of one of the Sub-Saharan African countries, provided the project development is mostly implemented locally.

The objective of Digital Lab Africa is to provide a springboard for African talent in multimedia creation and to make their project happen with the support of French leading companies (studios, producers, broadcasters, distributors) such as ARTE (web creation), Okio-Studio (virtual reality), CCCP (video game), and 1D Touch/Believe Digital (digital music).

DLA call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to any professional or individual from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project in 5 categories of multimedia production: WEB CREATION, VIRTUAL REALITY, VIDEO GAME, ANIMATION and DIGITAL MUSIC.

All submitted projects should be set down in French or English. They should target an international audience. It is about developing projects, researching partners and financial support. The projects should be innovative in form, narration, content or technologies employed.

Selection Criteria:
The projects will then be evaluated by the DLA selection committee based on criteria of artistic/technical quality, technological/creative innovation and feasibility/economic potential.

Eligible groups
Citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries

Fields of work
Digital Lab Africa is looking for projects at initial stage of development, in need of partners and financial support and innovative in terms of narration, content or technologies.
  • Web Creation: This category is dedicated to all linear and non-linear format which offer an innovative storytelling and/or an immersive/interactive experience for the audience.
    This category includes all content, irrespective of the genre – fiction, documentary, series, TV format, magazine, entertainment, news… – produced to be viewed mainly online (first digital content). Projects which combine several media (transmedia) or offer a cross media strategy and which aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it will be considered first.
    Examples: an interactive web documentary, a web series including a chat or a video game, a news show in 360°, a thematic web channel etc.
  • Virtual Reality: The virtual reality category is open to any content which offers an immersive experience to the public, on any type of support (computer, tablet, smartphone and virtual reality headset), using virtual reality technologies, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360° video, and 3D interactions.
    Examples: journalism report, fiction or documentary movie, musical clip, museum visit, video game…
  • Video Game: the video game category is open to all prototypes/concepts of video game for mobile application or full screen.
    Examples: action, strategy game, a game which aim to inform, train or educate.
  • Digital Music: the digital music category is open to all projects which offer an innovative and enriching user experience using multimedia tools, solutions and content, based on one or several African artists, musical genres or African territories.
    Example: creating an app offering a multimedia world and an interactive community around an artist.
  • Animation: the Animation category is open to all projects/content which mainly use animation technics (2D, 3D, paper, film, sand, modeling clay, painting, figurine etc).
    Examples: an animated short film, an animated web-series, an animated comic, an animated application, etc.
Scholarship benefits
The platform will allow creative multimedia projects to come to light with the support of French and Sub-Saharan African partners like Lagardère Studios, ARTE or Triggerfish Animation.

Selected applicants will take part in a Pitch Competition. The winning projects win a 3,000 € cash prize and a Digital Lab Africa Incubation Pass to support the project development.

The DLA project incubation includes mentorship and project development support by French and Sub-Saharan African partners for each category. Additionally, the Incubation Pass comprises residence time in France within digital cluster and participation in benchmark multimedia events. The expected outcome of Digital Lab Africa is market ready content/productions showcasing African creativity.

Method of Application
To apply, follow these 3 steps:
  1. Download the call for projects presentation and rules
  2. Complete the online form
  3. Email the following documents to
    • Presentation document of the project (Pitch Deck) including description, graphical/visual elements, solutions/technologies, screenplay, target audience, projected budget, business plan, production schedule (5 to 8 pages maximum).
    • A beta version / preview / pilot or demo of the project (if available)
    • A resume of the applicant/ description of the company represented (max 300 words).
    • A picture (.jpeg) of the applicant
Applicants can submit several projects (one form per project)

The Digital Lab Africa call for projects #2 is now open until February 25th, 2018!

Digital Lab Africa is initiated by the French Embassy and the French Institute in South Africa as part of their on-going support and action plan in the media and creative industries. The objective of Digital Lab Africa is to provide a springboard for African talent in multimedia creation and to make their project happen with the support of French & Sub-Saharan African leading companies (studios, producers, broadcasters, distributors, experts).

Application Deadline: 25 February 2018
Open to International Applicants: No (ONLY Africans)

More Scholarship Information and Application

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