The German Baden-Württemberg-Scholarships for International Exchange of Workers and Professionals

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM:
For Vocationally Qualified People (Workers)

Program(s) Offered: Any discipline
Program Level: Professional training, Skills development
Provider: BW Stiftung
Country to Work in: Germany

Scholarship Description
Since 2001 the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (BW Stiftung) has supported the international exchange of students and young vocationally qualified people by awarding the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for students, and also for workers respectively.

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Vocationally Qualified People offers exciting insights into the manner of working, business structures and management concepts of related industries in the Southwest of Germany. It is aimed at young vocationally qualified people who have completed non-academic professional training for which they received an outstanding grade.

Based on the principle of reciprocity, the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Vocationally Qualified People is designed to enable applicants from Baden-Württemberg and other countries to undertake a placement abroad in the form of work experience or further training. Not only the young vocationally qualified people profit from these experiences abroad and the newly acquired skills, but also the firms in the scholarship holders' own countries. See Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for University Students.

The placement abroad should help further their professional development and must therefore be directly connected to the profession in which the person has been trained.

Organisation of the overseas placement:
  • With support of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung  (no mediation)
  • By the applicant on their own initiative
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL country

Participating Institutions
At present, the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Workers consists of these programmes:
  • Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Vocationally Qualified People: The scholarship for persons with professional training for work experience or further training abroad.
  • Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM Walter Hallstein Programme: The program that brings together public administrations from Baden-Württemberg and the rest of Europe and that supports current and future public servants to gain insights in public administrations abroad.
  • Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Film Production
  • The scholarship for students at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Hollywood, Paris and New York.
For the complete programme overview, see this page

Fields of study
All vocational professions and work skills are covered

Number of awards
With the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung enables both young people from Baden-Württemberg to spend some time abroad and invites foreign scholarship holders to get to know Baden-Württemberg.

Sponsorship duration
Scholarship duration:
  • For work experience: 2 to 6 months
  • For professional further training measures: 2 to 11 months
Scholarship benefits
Fortune favours the brave: Nowadays, international experience, language skills and understanding of other cultures are more important for school, studies and career than ever before.

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM therefore enables qualified young people to take part in a placement abroad and so to broaden their personal horizons. When their placement is confirmed and in particular after their return from their time abroad, the scholarship holders are supported ideally and integrated into a comprehensive international network in which people from the widest range of disciplines and cultures can contact each other.

Level of the scholarship include:
  • Basic scholarship to cover travel expenses, food and accommodation: €1,000 per month
  • Allowance for language courses: max. €500
Method of Application
You require the following documents for your application: 1). Curriculum vitae, 2). Motivation letter, 3). Certificate with grades, 4). Possibly references from employers, 5). Possibly language certificate, and 6). Possibly certificate from the work experience employer or further education/training establishment. All applications are made solely via the online portal BWS-World.

Applications can be submitted all year round.

Please note: As a rule at least three months will pass between your application being checked and the decision on the granting of a scholarship.

The principles of reciprocity and exchange are at the core of the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM and make it a unique programme in Germany because for every scholarship holder from Baden-Württemberg, a scholarship holder from abroad comes to the south-west of Germany. You are all part of a living network because the award of the scholarship is the start of an active relationship of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung with its alumni, a whole life long, if you so wish.

The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung advocates a vital Baden-Württemberg with a high quality of life. It helps pave the way for top-class research, many kinds of educational measures and responsible dealings with our fellow man. The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Germany. It is the only one which invests exclusively and without partisanship in the future of Baden-Württemberg, and thus the future of its citizens.

Application Deadline: Rolling
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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