How a Traineeship Abroad can be the Successful Start of Your Career as a Student or After Graduation

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Traineeship Abroad As a Successful Start of Your Career

Traineeship abroad becomes more and more popular each year. Today, many countries and international companies practice foreign traineeships to heighten the skill level of their students and employees.

Some people are afraid to go abroad, especially when it comes to leaving their country for an extended period of time. In most cases, these fears are baseless as most countries that practice internship abroad adapt these programs to the needs of an average student or employee. Of course, there are certain pros and cons of such traineeship. Here we shall discuss some of them to assure you that there is nothing extreme in going to another country to have more valuable experience.

Advantages of a traineeship abroad

Different kinds of traineeship abroad are widespread in various countries. It can be a paid internship, and internship you actually have to pay for, working for different kinds of employers in other countries, and volunteering. Each of these types have certain peculiarities and a lot of mutual perks. Such as:

Traineeship Abroad Is a Successful Start of Your Career

1). You are learning to adapt to certain circumstances

Even moving to another district in your own town brings you plenty of new encounters. Sometimes it can be hard to adapt even on that level. Moving to another city or even country may be a real cultural shock for a person who is not prepared for it. This mostly depends on the country and culture you are in, but in most countries that practice traineeship abroad there is a conscious try to create conditions that help trainees adapt to new environment.

2). You can meet useful people

It is well known that many businessmen started their own businesses together with partners from other countries. In case you meet people who are really into collaboration in the future, these connections will surely help you start a business of your own.

3). New experiences and impressions

Moving to another country, even for a while, is a great chance to try a new way of life and to practice your foreign language knowledge (if you speak one). Some people spend a lot of time and money on imitating communication with foreigners and native speakers, while you will have an advantage in this. Living abroad will help you practice your spoken language skills, which could be a great perk in the future, for example, when you will write awesome personal statements at the work in the foreign business company. After all, extra languages are always a plus.

4). Improving your future work opportunity

It is obvious that any type of experience is very useful when you apply for a job. Any employer will be glad to have an employee that has an experience working or studying abroad. This is a quite obvious sign that a person is not scared of new circumstances and new people. These skills are very valuable when it comes to hiring a good worker.

5). Independence test

Don’t forget that moving abroad is one of the best ways to check your skills in living independently from people and circumstances you got used to in your own country. Such kind of experience will surely make you re-evaluate many things in your life, including relationships and people.

The disadvantages of a traineeship abroad

Still, this amazing experience, as useful as it is, can be ruined by a number of factors. Most of them are in your head, though. So, if you’ve decided to take traineeship abroad, DON’T do the following:

1). Prefer to Stay

Never think you’ll stay in the country of your traineeship. If often happens when a student from a developing economy comes to a developed country. It’s rather understandable, as they want to change their life for the better. But this often happens when a student (from any country) gets wherever he or she really would like to live. This may happen to you too, even if you haven’t thought about it before your trip. Young people are easily influenced. So, when they get into other fascinating culture, they simply fall in love with it. And this is fine! What’s not fine is that a lot of students start to be irritated with their own culture, town, city, country, etc. We often choose white over black, or vice versa. But the world is not a black and white place. It’s colorful and provides the whole range of opportunities. When you get home, think of your traineeship as an experience that boosted your love to travel. Your primary goal is to become a great professional. Then, you can choose any country you like.

2). Miss It Too Much

After you’ve had a great, new experience and a lot of fun with your new friends, it’s alright to miss it all when you’re finally home. Still, try to miss it to a certain extent only. Don’t allow yourself to feel bitter or even broken. For some students, who have had traineeship abroad, coming home feels like the end of the world, because they were so happy during the trip. They go back to the same place to meet the same people over and over again until they graduate from college or university. They spend their money on such trips, visas, food and whatever else they need. They spend all the emotional energy on waiting for another time they can go abroad. They start thinking less about studying and their real life. Such a mindset can actually cause depression. Something like that happens to people with a boring who live from one vacation to another, working night and day in between. Nostalgia is described as a kind of a romantic feeling, but in reality, it can be really stressful. The other word for this is home-sickness. In the case of traineeship abroad, it may cause the feeling that you don’t belong to the place where you in fact live.

3). Think That Your Traineeship Abroad Opens All the Doors for You

Your traineeship is a great opportunity, but if you don’t put all your effort in, it’s not a great achievement. You have to work really hard doing whatever your traineeship presupposes, in both professional and social way. You will not learn anything new during your traineeship if you spend all your time hanging out with your new friends in a new city. You will not create a proper network if you don’t try to be friendly and engaging. So, still, traineeship is work. And it’s up to you whether you do it well. On the other hand, even the fact that you were really good during your traineeship abroad doesn’t mean that you will easily find a great job after graduation. A successfully completed traineeship is a beneficial addition to your professional skills. So, for this reason, try to do your personal best to master these skills during your college or university life. There is no point in putting all your trust in the traineeship abroad.

As you can see, the success of your traineeship fully depends on your behavior and your motivation. Try to organize your work, and this will help you gain as much benefit from your internship as possible. Don’t forget that as globalization goes on and on, the relationships between countries become closer. In this light, one can hardly disregard the importance of having experience in multinational business life.

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