How to Write Your Best Essay

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How to Write Your Best Essay

Writing an essay may become a challenge for any student, including the most creative. But that’s a beautiful chance to show your deep knowledge and personal treatment of the issue. So how do you stand out with an essay? How can you show your utmost competence? Read the advice below to know more.

At first, you have to account for the main features in an essay:
  • The absence of a classic plot. No, that doesn’t mean you should avoid examples from literature and life, but they should only be the illustrations of your eloquent thoughts.
  • The uncertainty of the form. You can express any thoughts, even the most controversial, and no one will say a bad word to you! Feel free to write everything that comes to your mind, analyze and sum up.
  • Quite a small volume, although there are no strict boundaries.
  • An actual problem or an unresolved issue in the center.
  • Subjective opinion. No essay can pretend to be the one and only correct point of view, regardless of the number of arguments. Most likely, this is just one of the numerous angles.
  • A live conversation. Discuss vital topics in the way like the reader is sitting against you. Your monolog must be filled with live juices and be outside of time and space.
  • Emotionality and imagery. The more exciting and engaging the language, the more interesting the essay.
The above-listed are the features of an essay.

Secret of How to Write Your Best Essay
Now, when you are about to start writing, you should ask yourself a few important questions:
  • How to write correctly?
  • For whom and for what are you going to write?
  • What is more important – to convey personal ideas or stay impartial?
Proceeding from the answers, you should select the proper form and language, accessible to a particular audience.

Any essay has several mandatory components that you can’t miss:
  • Introduction. No need to prove something from the very first paragraph. Better start with creating a certain atmosphere, so to immerse the reader in a state of mind that will contribute to the perception of your ideas. Try to put the reader in your shoes.
  • The main part consisting of theses. Be sure to formulate the main idea clearly and concisely. Avoid allegations. Explain and prove using examples from the life or based on known theories. If the thesis corresponds to "what", the next one should answer "Why.”
  • The conclusion. You may talk about everyday concerns, discover the issue from different perspectives or do anything else you want, but you must gather all the juice at the end to show the real value of your work.
You’ve just answered the urgent questions and are ready to start writing. Below there are essential tips that you may use to create a worthy essay.

#1 Take the Time to Come Up with a Topic
Think twice about the values of your work. How much do you know about the theme? Can you offer something new and fresh on the issue? The essay should be original, even if the topic looks banal at the first blush. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. Will you be able to provide an unbanal view? Make sure of it!

#2 Be Versatile
What will you take as a base? Do you have enough experience? The versatility is one of the greatest things you can suggest to the reader. Try to explore the issue from different perspectives, agree or disagree with other authors. Give the impression of a long and hard work, being surprisingly innovative.

#3 Highlight the Core Values
Do not try to cover everything at once. Treat the reader with effervescent expressions and unexpected facts. Make the narration interesting and informative. Highlight the main ideas, but don’t disperse too much.

Once you have decided on the topic, write down three main directions, which will become the core of your essay. More thoughts may confuse the reader and show your superficiality while less may indicate an excessive conservativeness. "3" has long been recognized as a magical number, so do not ignore it ☺.

#4 Start with the Core
Write 1–2 sentences on each thesis, read slowly, and after that, process them, adding examples, details, and artistic means.

#5 Keep Consistent
Watch out for your style and edit if necessary. Are you logical? Do your thoughts look attractive? Dilute the written with something ridiculous, but please don’t stoop to the jargon.

After you finish your essay, be sure to re-read and check the connection between paragraphs. Did you reveal the idea? Are there any extra suggestions? Ask yourself as many questions as needed until you will have nothing to add, remove or change.

#6 Come Up With a Relevant Header
This is, perhaps, one of the most important parts of your essay. Think about the header after you finish writing, when you can re-read the resulting text and summarize it. It is better, of course, if your headline will be original and concise. The essay is a sparkling genre, where everything should blaze ☺.

#7 Be Honest to Yourself and Readers
Do not write about things you do not believe in. Do not focus on issues far away from you. Write only about something close and burning. The outline will be very nice if it agrees to your inner world. Don’t forget that others will read your essay.

The truth is the only thing valued at all times. When a person reads, he wants to get to the core. Don’t lie when sharing your expertise. One may say, "Don’t reinvent the wheel." But let’s assume you’re writing on the topic of love. Are you in a dead end? Not at all. Do not hang up the labels, be yourself and spend time just for your uniqueness. Read other people's works, but stay unique.

7 secrets for writing your best essay
Now you know how to write an essay. Finally, the last advice: take your favorite quotation/ proverb/saying and write down your thoughts on it. Avoid cliché judgments and words, and strive for originality.Over time, the writing will become much easier to you; the main thing is to start. I think everyone has the ability to brilliantly express thoughts while the essay as a genre is one of the best opportunities for it!

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