3 Sure Tactics To Help You Get a Good Job

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You Want To Get a Good Job? These 3 Tactics Will Help You.

You’re a job seeker and you want that good job. It’s cool. And achievable. But of course you know how it is: nothing good comes easy. As with everything good in life, you must work hard at it. You must strategize. The more you strategize the higher your chances. With good tactics in place, you'll get not just any job but a good one.

This article discusses tested tips capable of helping bring your great job dreams into reality. The great tactics discussed below will assist you in your search for a good job.

Tactics To Help You Get a Good Job

1. Build great network

Yes. You must have heard this a thousand times: network, network, network! The significance of building relationships and sustaining them can’t be overemphasized. Especially to a job seeker. This is because getting a job through personal contacts is a lot easier as against popular adverts. In fact, most jobs aren’t advertised. Even the advertised jobs you’ve just applied to, someone linked you to them. Otherwise you wouldn’t have known that XYZ Company is hiring.

However, when I talk about networking, I’m only referring to your people skills: your ability to attract and sustain a great relationship. No, you don’t meet with someone for the first time, say, at a seminar and then you go telling him or her you’re a fresh grad and seriously looking for a job. It doesn’t work that way. When you meet people whether at interview or at that conference, first establish rapport with him. Then asking for his favour regarding your job search later on would be needless. But you must have also proven to him you’re a serious lad with a skill set.

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2. Be your CV

Yes, you heard that right: be everything you’ve written in your CV. You don’t need to exaggerate; you only need to be moderate in marketing your skills on your CV. Be sincere and strike out the lies about your proficiency in excel and coral draw if you can’t operate basic calculation and design a logo. Make sure you’re what your CV says you are. Otherwise, you’re blocking your opportunity of a great offer.

Apart from that, consider your CV as your shadow. Wherever you go, it follows. If you make your CV your best ambassador in your job search, you would have no trouble getting invite for interview. And you might not achieve this if you don’t back up the content of your CV with the exact skills you possess. That’s why getting yourself engaged in something productive as you search for jobs is very important. Volunteering for an organization is a good way to do that.

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3. Be Positive always

This is true. One of the best qualities of a job seeker is hope backed up with action. That’s what being positive entails. You don’t hope for a thing you don’t work toward. When you set out to accomplish a task, first you must believe it’s achievable. Or else you’ve only planned to chase a shadow. To the job seekers, this is very true: being positive strengthens you. It clears that doubt that often pops up when it feels like all you’ve tried isn’t working.

But in actual fact, the really positive job seeker is one who continues to work hard, developing his skills, engaging his mind and hand productively. In the process, he hopes for the best. It’s upon this reality that positivity is not only built but also sustained. As a strategy for securing your dream job, you should always remain positive. That way, you’re giving yourself enough reasons to keep on working hard, to keep on adding value to yourself. So that when you finally get the job, you will have equipped yourself with the needed skills to sustain it.

In Conclusion...
Finally, the saying that searching for a job is a job in itself is no doubt a fact, even though it’s gradually becoming a cliché. However, one thing is for sure: to get a good job requires that you put in a great deal of workable efforts such as highlighted above. When you do this, when you carefully abide by these tactics, you’d have successfully fortified yourself against all that’s failure in your quest for a good job.

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