Top Tips to Fit in and Succeed as an International Student

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How to Fit in If You Are an International Student?

As the world opens up more and more, a great number of students tend to leave their homes and go to the far-and-away lands to get a degree. It doesn’t really matter where one comes from – Zimbabwe, France or Bangladesh.

What all international students are faced with the very moment they start attending classes in these far away lands is the need to struggle to ‘fit in.’ Feeling like a legal alien in New York, they try to get into the crowd in order to build a successful social life.

This articles presents and deals with some practical recommendations for you to fit in with the majority as you study in the USA. Tips and recommendations presented here can as well be applied if you study in the UK, in Australia, or in any other country other than your home country. Please read on below.

Practical tips to succeed as an international student

Practical tips to succeed as an international student

1). Connect with the classmates

Students, who come from elsewhere, may find it hard to come up with the most common interests with which they can get close to their American mates. But the truth is that a course of study or a major is a cool way to relate.

Make sure to introduce yourself to the class and offer some of the guys to work on a home assignment together. See if they’ve any advice on how to cope with this or that project.

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2). Improve your English

Both writing and speaking skills are crucial to integrate into the foreign environment. Feel free to use manuals, journals, attend courses or improve your writing with the help of services like

3). Get to know American cult stuff

As an international student, you have to know all crucial elements of the USA life. All cult TV shows and films are part of the USA life and you should know them. Or at least pretend that you do.

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4). Hang out with both US and international pals

When it’s your first time in a new country, you will most likely try to cling to people, who are international students as well. There’s nothing wrong in trying to find and identify with someone, who 'suffers' or is as you, but also do your best not to spend all your time with the international students. Instead, meet and communicate with American classmates. Just get outside your comfort zone to learn more about the culture you live in.

5). Reveal the unknown

There’s an attracting power in the unknown. Make sure to tell your class mates about what things are like where you come from - what New Year’s traditions you have, what foods are made, what is/isn’t allowed for a woman there. Show the videos of celebrations you have in your country and teach them what they do not know.

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6). Volunteer

This is a great option for the students who wish to integrate into their new communities. There’s a wide range of special programs that are created to bring together domestic and international students so that they could share their skills and experiences. All these activities let the international students get to know both – the fellow students and the communities they’re living in.

If you’re seriously planning to make it in the new place you find yourself in, you have to exert every effort to be noticed. Make the contact, initialize a little talk. Friendship never happens instantly, but if you don’t try, it will never exist. Don’t be shy to start a conversation, make a simple greeting. Be yourself, no matter what they say.

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