Planning To Study Masters In Sri lanka - Top universities to choose from

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The Sri Lankan university system is legitimately governed by the University Grant Commission whose core task is to regulate, plan and coordinate university education. The commission is also concerned with maintaining high academic standards in the universities that are scattered all over the country.

It is wise to consider the university to enroll in when one intends to pursue a post-graduate degree in Sri Lanka. The following is a breakdown of the universities in Sri Lanka.

Study Masters In Sri lanka
Sri lanka: consider the university for postgraduate masters study

1). University of Kelaniya

This was founded in 1959 to offer education in management and commerce, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Social Science and Graduate Studies. Furthermore, the university also utilizes advancements in technology by providing E-learning options. This is suitable for those students who are employed and have the urge to do post-graduate studies. The E-learning option has also helped students in doing their research and executing projects.

2). University of Sri Jayewardenepura

It was founded in 1959 and offers far-reaching courses in Medical Sciences, Applied Sciences, Commerce, Management Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences. The university has a clear record of producing students who are very competent in their field of work.

3). UvaWellassa University

This is one of the modern universities set up in 2005 to offer education based on modern concept and technology. In addition, it has an agricultural department that focuses in teaching the students on how to handle agricultural activities in Sri Lanka. The most outstanding schools in this university include Science and Technology, Management, Export Agriculture and Animal Science.

4). University of Jaffna

This university came to being in 1974. Arts, medicine, Management studies and commerce, Graduate studies, science and Engineering and Agriculture. Despite the political and military situations in the year it was founded, the university has stood and is currently one of the most sought-after as far as masters studies is concerned. The university was closed down at some point in 1995 due to destructions caused but it was later re-opened in 1996 and has gone strong till now.

5). University of Colombo

It is located in the western province and was founded in 1921. It specifically majors in finance, Law, Arts, Science, Medicine, Education and Management courses. Additionally, it has collaborated with several local and international universities for both research collaborations and academic programs.

6). University of Moratuwa

Founded in 1972, the university is ideal for Architecture, Engineering and Information and Technology courses. It is based in Maradana and was formerly a Government Technical School which was the first Science Education School in Sri Lanka. It is ranked 11th best university in the South Asian Region since it produces world class graduates in technological fields.

Study Masters In Sri lanka
Study Masters In Sri lanka
Conclusively, the above description gives foreign students who yearn to study in Sri Lanka to have a wide range of top universities to choose from. They simply need to identify their technological and technical needs and be able to relate to a university of choice. The government of Sri Lanka has a developed an Electronic Travel Authorization System which makes it easy for these foreign students to secure a sri lankan visas who are planning to study in Sri lanka.

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