Skills You Can Leverage For a Successful Career in Teaching

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Teaching is one of the oldest and definitely a most respected profession. If not for teachers, there would have been little to no progress and mankind would have been still grappling with simple problems rather than thinking about reaching out to the space. If you are looking for a career as teacher, here are some skills that you should know about.

Your most vivid memories of childhood would relate to your school in some way or the other. Right from the first standard in school to postgraduate degree in college, you will notice that teachers play a very important role in shaping and making you what you are today.

Who thinks at that point in time to grow up and make a difference to others' lives in a way similar to how your teachers are making to your life? Yet many of us grow up and come to be respected as a teacher. Those who already belong to this profession know the immense value that they bring to the society with their benevolent act. If you also want to experience the same pride, develop the skills below and hone them as much as possible.

Looking to become a teacher? Go after these skills

1). Subject Matter Expertise

The most essential skills of all without which your selection for teaching jobs might not be even possible is expertise in your particular subject. Until or unless you are well versed with your subject you cannot expect to do justice with your role as a mentor and tutor to students. Neither would you have confidence in your abilities to make it big at any level.

2). Collaboration

21st century teachers should be able to collaborate with students on various Web 2.0 tools and technologies. Some of the examples include MySpace, Second Life and Wikispaces. These tools offer an online collaborative learning environment to the participants. In addition, your collaborative practices should be able to involve students of all levels of intelligence so that no one feels left out in the class.

3). Communication

Without any doubts, communication is one of the most important skills you need to have for running a successful teaching career. You might be one of the most knowledgeable persons around but until or unless you are able to communicate it in clear words to students, it’s of little use. Besides, good communication also involves understanding the problems and concerns of students and solving them as and when required.

4). Creativity

A teacher should have strong imagination and creativity. They need to imagine the best possible solution of a problem and also come up with new and innovative pedagogy with the changing time. Every student has his own needs and pace of learning and as a teacher it is his responsibility to come up with solutions that are creative enough to include all. The teacher needs to foresee the potential of emerging technologies, find different areas of curriculum and make links that enhance learning experience of students.

5). Quick learner

A teacher has to be constant on the heels of the latest technology. Learning is a continuous process and more than anyone; professionals searching for teaching jobs must inculcate this fact in their life. The current crop of teachers has at their disposal vast pool of knowledge in the form of the web. Change is the only constant and with changing times it is expected that a teacher’s skill and needs should also improve.

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