Essential Tips To Guide You Through First Year Of Engineering College

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Your First Year At An Engineering College

You got your college offer letter. It must be your dream college, a second option school, or an institution you were not keeping into consideration; but it all rarely matters now that you are going to be there for the next 4 years to learn engineering. Let’s see how exactly to get through your first year as an engineering student?

Right now, you may not have any idea of what it’s going to be like. You are not sure which field of engineering you should choose; whether mechanical, electrical, computer or any other.  At this time the process of finding an internship, friends, passing an exam with flying colours - all seems to be so unclear. Just know that you are fresh out of high school, it will take time to get acquainted with a new place and get comfortable.

Essential Tips To Guide You Through First Year Of Engineering College

Important Tips To Consider

Things you can consider to make your 4 years a little easier are:

1). Stop Delaying
Once you are a month or a few weeks old, it’s time you start focussing on your studies. This isn’t your school time anymore; be ready to have way small time with you than you might realize.

If you are planning on scoring good it’s recommended that you join a club, it’s going to make it easy to get an internship later in college, it’s important that you manage your time and work so that you make a considerable amount of time to spend with your family, friends etc., for having enough space to enjoy, you have to stop delaying and have free time with you.

Be ready for the classes to become difficult and added responsibilities that might eat up your time. It’s very important to manage your time so that you both have fun and score well in exams.

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2). Look into other Engineering types
Many of you won’t have an idea or will be having very little knowledge of different courses. Others might have incomplete misconceptions. In a nutshell, some of you must not know, nor have an idea of the forms of engineering that are there. However, there is a fair chance that those of you who understand their choice of course and are inflexible might also get confused. For e.g. an engineer in chemistry might question themselves after one class of organic chemistry.

Essential Tips To Guide You Through Engineering College Courses

In spite of what you know about various engineering courses, it’s necessary to have weighed all the available options.

Things that affect specialization decision include:
  • Job demand in future
  • Courses offered at your school
  • Interest etc.
Almost all schools offer preliminary studies that make you understand the engineering courses’ types. One of the easiest ways to get an idea of what course you should choose is, to join engineering clubs, discuss a professor’s study, or discuss it with your seniors about their experiences.

The sooner you know what course you like the more good it will do; this will let you save time from sitting in the class not of your interest and will give you more chance being a part of a program that is related to a field of your interest.

3). Find friends
The coming 4 years of your engineering college life can be made extremely easy once you find great friends. They are just like you and will get old with you. Remember to be very social in the first days of your school. Expect the first days of school to be full of homely people. Try and benefit from that. You can’t expect them to be this friendly when assignments come pouring.

4). Look for opportunities to grow
In school, scoring high meant success. That will change a lot in college.

Other things will play a major role along with addition to getting good grades e.g. practicing conversational skills will give a chance at expanding your connection with informative people.

Remember that grades are not everything; it’s your fame as a hardworking person, the ease in communicating what you know, and your practice to constantly improve yourself that will stand you out.

5). Study other subjects
You are in the college as an engineering student, but it’s good to have a fair idea of business, market, industry etc. After all, you have to work in an industry with people of different backgrounds. It will provide you an edge over others.

6). Have fun
Spending time outside home is a part of college life. However, try not getting lost in the light. Always know that you have only a limited time at a college, so be prepared to make the maximum use of it.

Hence, in the midst of the complete confusion of machines, codes, circuits, examinations and assignments, an engineering college is supposed to expose you to the equal number of ups and downs, thereby making you a somebody from a nobody.

Have fun, study harder and be good!

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