How to Check the Number of Candidates Who Chose Your Institution of Choice

Number of candidates for your institution of choice

You can use the JAMB Statistics portal for 2014 to check how many candidates have chosen a University, Polytechnic or College that you are interested in. You can even check the courses available at these institutions.

The JAMB Statistics site can also be used to check the number of students that chose a particular course as their first choice or second choice within any selected University, Polytechnic, College of Education, or Institute.

The information you are going to gather on the JAMB Statistics portal will help you to determine how competitive the school and/or course you have chosen are.


Step-by-step Guide To Check Number of Candidates Choosing Your School

1). Access the JAMB Statistics website by clicking on,

2). On the page that opens up, select "PROGRAMME"
(i.e. 1st Degree for Universities, IEI for Institutes, NCE for colleges of Education, OND for Polytechnics),

3). Then, select your "Choice Institution"

4). Finally, click on the "GET STATISTICS" button.

With the information you obtain from the JAMB Statistics site, you can now decide which school to change to after you have checked the results of your UTME exam. In addition, it will also aid you to decide which course to change to.

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