Mexican Government Scholarships for Foreign Students (Special Programs)

Mexican Government Scholarship Program

Course(s) Offered: All fields
Course Level: Graduate (professionals, experts, specialists, professors, artists)
Provider: Mexican Government
Country to Study in: Mexico

UPDATE: see the more current Mexican Government Scholarships Program

Scholarship Description
The Mexican Directorate-General for Educational and Cultural Cooperation, through the Academic Exchange Department, designs and manages the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship Program for Foreigners. The scholarships of the Mexican Government present two programs: the scholarship for academic studies and the scholarship for special programs.

The scholarships for academic studies are offered to take complete programs for Specialization, Master´s or PhD Degrees, and Postgraduate Researches. Likewise, the offer includes academic mobility for Bachelor´s and Postgraduate Degree. On the other hand, the scholarships for special programs are offered to take short-term fellowships addressed to Visiting Professors, Researchers in Mexico´s issues, Media Contributors, Art Production Fellowships, etc.

The Embassy of Mexico has the pleasure to announce the opening of the call for the Special Programs of the 2013 Mexican Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students. The Special Programs are addressed mainly to professionals, experts, specialists, professors and artists in different fields. The general Scholarship Program for Postgraduate Students 2013 will be announced shortly.

General Terms and Conditions:
  • Candidates cannot be living in Mexico at the time of application.
  • Except in special cases, scholarships cannot begin in November or December.
  • All scholarship applications must be submitted in original to the Embassy of Mexico in Abuja, Nigeria, prior to the deadline. Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted.
  • Only applications that fulfill all of the requirements will be considered.
  • All documents and forms must be in Spanish or submitted with translations into Spanish.
  • The application files of scholarships not granted will not be returned.
  • Candidates will be informed of the results by the Embassy of Mexico in Nigeria.
  • The scholarships are not transferable and cannot be deferred to future years.
  • The Office for Educational and Cultural Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Mexico will arrange for and purchase the international airfare. There will be no refunds if the applicant or the host institution purchases the ticket directly.
  • If the applicant cancels his/her trip after the Foreign Ministry has purchased the plane ticket, he/she or the institution that nominated the applicant will be asked to reimburse the Foreign Ministry.
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries of the world.

The following are special programs:
  • Visiting Professors Program
    Program Description: Grants for specialists and/or professors to give special lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, etc. in Mexican universities or research centers. Must teach for a minimum of four hours a week.
    Candidate Profile: Must be an expert in the subject of the lecture, course, workshop or seminar from a university or research institution with a PhD or extensive teaching experience in the field.

  • High-level Conferences
    Program Description: Grants for experts on various topics to give conferences in academic, research and cultural institutions.
    Candidate Profile: Must be an expert in his/her field with a PhD or a long career in the subject.

  • Genaro Estrada Scholarship for Specialists in Mexican Studies
    Program Description: Research grants for specialists in Mexican studies.
    Candidate profile: Must be a published expert on a topic related to Mexico with an established career.

  • Artist Residencies
    Program Description: Grants for creating a work of art under the guidance of an expert in the field, either Mexican or foreign with residency in Mexico. Candidates may only apply to create a work (not to conduct research or perform). The grant does not include attendance at courses or seminars, or the chance to perform or exhibit the work created in Mexico.
    Candidate Profile: Must have an established career related to artwork to be created.

  • Media Residencies
    Program Description: This program is for media professionals (print or electronic) interested in writing articles and reports and conducting interviews in Mexico.
    Candidate profile: Media professionals who are currently in their area.

  • Improving the Quality of Mexican Secondary and Higher Education Institutions
    Program Description: Grants for education specialists to give courses, workshops, conferences, etc. that contribute to improving the quality, management and administration of public secondary and higher education institutions in Mexico.
    Candidate profile: Must be an expert in the topic of the course, conference or workshop.
Participating Institutions
All approved/accredited participating Mexican institutions
  • Mexican Host Institutions for the Genaro Estrada Scholarship for Mexican Studies: Higher education or research institutions, archives, libraries, research centers, etc.
  • Mexican Host Institutions for artist Residencies: Academic, cultural and art institutions, workshops, studios and individual artists who commit to providing the supervision and facilities needed to complete the artistic project.
  • Host Mexican Institutions for Improving the Quality of Mexican Secondary and Higher Education Institutions: Public secondary and higher education institutions. The application must be submitted through the Mexican embassy in the candidate’s country, the host institution in Mexico and/or the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning (ANUIES).
Fields of study
Scholarships are given for applicants who have already been accepted by any of the participating Mexican institutions to any of the special programs described above.

Number of awards
Many will be awarded, not specified by provider

Sponsorship duration
The following apply:
  • Visiting Professors: Minimum: one month; Maximum: twelve months.
  • High-level Conferences: A minimum of one week.
  • Genaro Estrada Scholarship for Specialists in Mexican Studies: Minimum: two weeks; Maximum: twelve months.
  • Artist Residencies: Minimum: one month; Maximum: six months.
  • Media Residencies: Minimum: one week; Maximum: one month.
  • Improving the Quality of Mexican Secondary and Higher Education Institutions: Minimum: one week; Maximum: one month.
Scholarship benefits
The Foreign Ministry grant includes: i). Enrollment fees and tuition; ii). Health Insurance; iii). Transportation from Mexico city to the Host Institution; and iv). Monthly Stipend.

Method of Application
The following documents must be submitted:
  • Application form(pdf), completed, signed by the applicant, with photo attached. Handwritten applications will not be accepted; and
  • Other documents - please see official website (link below for the full list)
The deadline to receive applications is August 30th, 2013 for programs beginning between March and October, 2013.

For many years, the Mexican cultural diplomacy has worked in different successful programs, such as the human capital training through scholarships for academic degrees awarding and research work performing in different areas of knowledge. The list of Mexican Institutions and Academic Programs that participate in the present scholarship program can be find in the following link:

For more information, applicants can follow the link: or contact the Embassy of Mexico in Nigeria at: 39, Usuma St., Maitama District, Abuja, Nigeria, P.M.B. 718 Garki. Tel: (+234) 9462-0631/32/33. Email:

Application Deadlines: 30 August 2013
Open for International Students: Yes (Citizens of Nigeria AND Other Countries)

More Scholarship Information and Application - English (Mexican Embassy in Nigeria website)
More Scholarship Information and Application - Spanish (official Mexican Govt website)

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