American Diversity Visa (DV) Program 2014 Result Out - How to Check Your Lottery Status

American Diversity Visa (DV) Program 2014

The US Department of State announces that those who applied for the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program for the year 2014 (DV-2014) can now check the status of their entries online.

Please note that selectees will not receive Notifications or Letters (as was usual in the past) by regular postal mail from the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). All applicants must check the E-DV website for their status.

The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website opened to the public at 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on May 1, 2013 for the Entrant Status Check (ESC). The ESC enables applicants' to know whether they are successful or not with their Visa lottery application.

The United States of America (US) Diversity Visa Lottery Program by the US Department of State is for foreign nationals to apply to and win legal Diversity USA Immigrant visas. When the E-DV website open to the public, applicants can check the status of their entry online

The E-DV Entrant Status Check for the Diversity Visa Program 2014 (DV-2014) is available until September 30, 2014. The Entrant Status Check for DV-2013 applicants will remain open until September 30, 2013.

Applicants for the DV-2014 Program had registered online last year between October 2, 2012 and November 3, 2012.

American DV Lottery Program for 2014

Entrant Status Check Instructions

Please be sure to have the Entrant's Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, and Year of Birth in order to check the entrant status online.

Be sure to note the following:
  • Confirmation Number: Applicant's Confirmation Number is in the Format: 2014xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Last/Family Name: Provide the last name that was used during the application process. If no name was provided, select the option labeled ‘No Last Name’
  • Year of Birth: Provide the year of birth for the primary applicant. Format is: YYYY.

Other Very Important Issues to Note

The E-DV website will work with a variety of Internet browsers, but it is best supported by Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher.

Be advised that additional DV 2014 entrants MAY be selected beginning October 1, 2013

Entrant Status Check is the ONLY means of informing you if your entry was selected or not. All entrants, including those NOT selected, may check the status of their entries through the Entrant Status Check on the official E-DV website at

Check your DV-2014 Entrance Status Now: Click here

PLEASE NOTE: If you have lost your confirmation information, click here to retrieve your American DV lottery entry confirmation number.


  1. pls can you gays help me check this result bc is so diffcult.201420KDA3KQJAIT.ONYEUGO DAUREEN NNEKA.1988.

    1. Hello Nneka, the message from the website is this:
      "Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time."

  2. please be more elaborate on your statement,the ENTRY HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Deversity Visa program at this time;;;;;please explain/do you mean you are still SELECTING,PLS COMFIM FOR ME ,MY FAMILY NAME IS::AGWULONU...DATE OF BIRTH:1977.CONFIRMATION NUMBER IS:20141S3PZV4HFIJI...please i have been going for this lotry for years now without winning,i need this lotry please...i really want to school in AMERICA,thanks for your assistance....i love USA

    1. Hello, that was the OFFICIAL feedback from EDV system at Goodluck!