Open Society Foundation International Women’s Grant Program for Women’s Rights Advocates

Grants on International Women’s Program

Course(s) Offered: Women’s rights
Course Level: Any level
Provider: Open Society Foundation (SOROS)
Grants can be taken at: Several countries (see below)

Scholarship Description
The Open Society Foundation offers Grants on International Women’s Program for women’s rights advocates. It aims to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.

The mission of the International Women's Program of the Open Society Foundations is to use grantmaking and programmatic efforts to promote and protect the rights of women and girls in priority areas around the globe where the principles of good governance and respect for the rule of law are absent or destroyed because of conflict.

The International Women's Program seeks to promote the advancement of women's rights and gender equality in law and practice, and the empowerment of women to ensure participation in the democratic processes.

Eligibility criteria
The International Women’s Program has limited its current focus to the countries listed below. The program will continue to support organizations in Tajikistan, Burma, Cambodia, and Lebanon at a lower scale.

The program supports initiatives of regional or multicountry scope with the objectives of supporting women’s rights advocates sharing experiences, strategies and best practices; creating international, regional and subbing regional initiatives and networks; and promoting access to information.

Eligible groups
Current focus is limited to the following countries:
Nepal, Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Palestine, Iraq, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The International Women’s Program supports initiatives that seek to:
  • strengthen legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms that focus on women’s rights;
  • build civil society’s capacity to hold governments accountable to implement laws that promote and protect women’s rights; and
  • increase women’s capacity to understand and assert their rights.
Method of Application
To submit a brief funding inquiry, please email with the organization’s name, a one-paragraph description of the organization, a one paragraph description of the project, list of countries that will benefit, amount requested and project period. If the funding inquiry meets program funding criteria, we will contact you to request a full proposal.

There is no set deadline for enquiries. This is an ongoing project

Through grant making and advocacy, the Women’s Rights Program supports efforts to strengthen women’s rights organizations and movements, advance sexual and reproductive rights and justice, and promote economic rights.

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Open for International Students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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