Merry Hearts Scholarship for Nigerian Pre-University Students

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Course(s) Offered: All courses
Course Level: Secondary school (pre-university)
Provider: Merry Hearts Scholarship Fund
Country to Study in Nigeria

Scholarship Description
Merry Hearts Scholarship Fund is an initiative of The Merry Hearts Foundation (MHF) Inc.

The Merry Hearts Foundation is a non-profit initiative that reaches out to underprivileged pre-university youths in impoverished regions of the world. It is constantly seeking ways to make a significant impact in educating and improving living conditions for those in need.

The Fund provides financial, moral, material and intellectual support in equipping students with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially.

Students are chosen to be recipients of the scholarship based upon their need, which is determined by the students’ family income, family structure, and the total cost of attending the chosen school.

Students are also evaluated based on past academic performance, i.e. has the student proven that they are serious about their education by maintaining a satisfactory academic record?

Eligible groups
Any student residing within the nation of Nigeria that is attending any pre-university institution is qualified to apply.

Teachers and school officials are encouraged to submit to the Foundation, names of students whom they have recognized to have more pressing need for the scholarship. However, please note that such nomination does not infer that the student will receive any preferential treatment during the selection process.
All applications will be evaluated based on pre-set scholarship standards.

Participating Institutions
Any pre-university institution in Nigeria

Number of awards
Not specified by donor

Sponsorship duration
For the whole duration of education prior to entering University

Scholarship benefits
The scholarship is structured to provide financial assistance in the form of a full scholarship to a student for the duration of their education prior to entering University.

Under the scholarship contract, the student’s tuition and books are fully paid for provided that the student maintains a satisfactory academic record.

Method of Application
A full application, including two letters of recommendation, one from the student’s parent and the other from a school official or member of staff, a 500-word essay, the most current academic report and a photo ID must be received by the foundation in order for the student to be considered for the scholarship award.

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information, to access the full Application Checklist, and also to download the Scholarship Application Form.

There is no deadline for application. This is a rolling scholarship, and teachers/school officials are encouraged to submit names of students who have pressing needs for this scholarship to complete their studies

Once a student is chosen as a recipient of the scholarship, the tuition money is paid directly to the school official who is required to maintain an accurate record of all monies received on behalf of the student and required to provide the foundation with receipts as evidence of monies received and appropriate utilization of funds.

Please contact the Foundation if you have any questions about the this, and its other, programs and initiatives or how you can help support their goals. The Foundation encourages you to use the form on this page to send your message to them.

Mailing Address:
Merry Hearts Foundation
P.O.Box 1310
Merchantville, NJ 08109


Application Deadline: Rolling
Open to International students: No (ONLY Nigerians)

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  1. Thanks to the administrator of this blog. I can see that this information was posted in the year 2013,please,is merryheart scholarship still on for 2015/2016?

    1. aneke, the sponsors have not called for a new application since 2013. We're hoping they do so that we can update this post

  2. Dear Administrator,good morning..I just noticed that this article was posted onon Wednesday Dec 23rd,2015. Does this mean that thethe sponsors have called for a new application and we can apply??

    1. @sandra we investigated and discovered this scholarship does not have a closing date, so we updated the deadline section in the article above thus: There is no deadline for application. This is a rolling scholarship, and teachers/school officials are encouraged to submit names of students who have pressing needs for this scholarship to complete their studies. We are sorry for the previous miscommunication. Warm regards

  3. Thank you so much.. Happy new year..