Goldman Sachs Women’s Enterprise and Leadership (WEL) Scholarship Program

Goldman Sachs Women’s Enterprise and Leadership (WEL) Scholarship Program

Course(s) Offered: Business, management (see below)
Course Level: Graduate, Professional
Provider: Goldman Sachs
Country to Study in: Any country

Scholarship Description
Goldman Sachs launched 10,000 Women in March 2008. It is a $100 million, five-year campaign to foster greater shared economic growth by providing 10,000 underserved women around the world with a business and management education.

The program is founded on research conducted by Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, and others which suggests this kind of investment can have a significant impact on GDP growth. Research also suggests that such an investment in women can have a significant multiplier effect that leads not only to increased revenues and more employees for businesses, but also healthier, better-educated families, and ultimately more prosperous communities.

In Nigeria, Pan-African University is the partner institution, with EDC as it's implementing unit. In July of 2008, EDC became the first partner worldwide to graduate scholars under the initiative. Since then, scholarships are being awarded to under-served women entrepreneurs every year

In Nigeria, Selection criteria include:
  • Company must be owned / managed by a woman
  • Should be a functional business (at least 3 months in operation)
  • Cannot afford CEM / Follow-up program
  • The Enterprise must have high growth potential market and employ more people.
  • High local value added will be an advantage. Short-listed applicants will be invited for an interview.
Selected Scholars will be required to pay N75,000 for the CEM program and the 7-month follow-up services.

Training will take place in Lagos and Abuja.

Eligible groups
Women in developing and emerging economies across the world.
Geographic reach include 10,000 Women working in 43 countries.

Participating Institutions
The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative operates through a network of more than 80 academic and nonprofit institutions. These partnerships help develop locally relevant coursework and improve the quality and capacity of business education worldwide.

More than thirty of the world’s leading business schools are participating in 10,000 Women, including seven of the top ten. Academic partners include: Harvard Business School; the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola de Administração de Empresas; University of Oxford, Saïd Business School; the Indian School of Business; and Tsinghua University of School of Economics and Management. Other partners include Ashoka, TechnoServe, Vital Voices, Women for Women International, and the International Center for Research on Women.

In Nigeria, the participating institution is the Pan-African University.

Fields of study
Students enroll in locally designed certificate programs ranging from five weeks to six months that include courses such as marketing, accounting, market research, writing a business plan, strategic planning, accessing capital, and e-commerce.

These programs are culturally appropriate, flexible, and shorter-term. They are intended to help open doors for thousands of women whose financial and practical circumstances would normally prevent them from receiving a traditional business education.

In Nigeria, Pan-African University offers a 5-months Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (CEM) plus follow up services such as business advisory, consulting clinics, networking and mentoring.

Number of awards
10,000 awarded worldwide. In Nigeria, the number is not specified.

Please note that there has been high interest from students around the world. Admissions rates for students have been comparable to the world’s most selective MBA programs. The first class in Brazil had 800 applicants for 80 positions. The first class in Kigali Rwanda saw 600 applicants for just 60 positions. And one of the first classes in China had 1000 applicants for 100 positions.

Sponsorship duration
Five weeks to six months

Scholarship benefits
Students are offered mentoring and post-graduate support by partner institutions, local businesses and the people of Goldman Sachs.

A number of our 10,000 women graduates have won awards, make incredible breakthrough in their businesses and expanded their horizon through additional opportunities they've had post graduation.

Method of Application
If you would like to be part of the 10,000 women scholars or know someone that may benefit from this, please download programme flyer and application form.

Completed form should be sent to with a copy to

Application Deadline: Thursday 12th April 2012 (annually)
Open to International students: Yes

Resource: Goldman Sachs Worldwide WEL Program; and
10000 Women WEL Program Summary (pdf).

More Scholarship Information and Application

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