Air Liquide International Scholarship Programme for Postgraduate Students from Selected Countries

ALIS Scholarship Programme

Course(s) Offered: Several fields
Course Level: Postgraduate (masters)
Country to Study in: France

Scholarship Description
In March 2010, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes - MAEE) and AIR LIQUIDE decided to create a programme to host and support high-level foreign students in France.

The co-financed ALIS Scholarship Programme for the 2012-2013 academic year is aimed at students from Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey and the Ukraine who are currently studying in their country.

MAEE and AIR LIQUIDE are pleased to renew this ALIS Scholarship programme for the 2012-2013 academic year.

You are eligible to apply for this scholarship if;
  • you are a national of Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey or Ukraine;
  • you are no more than 30 years of age in the year in which you are selected;
  • you have not previously qualified for a scholarship from the French government or from another company;
  • you do not have a previous commitment with another company at the time of your arrival in France, such as company grant, an open-ended employment contract, an apprenticeship contract, etc.;
  • you are a student in your country of origin and have reached a level of training commensurate with that required for the course of your choice at Master 1 (bac+4) level equivalent to 4 years of further study or preferably Master 2 (bac+5) level equivalent to 5 years of further study;
  • you have an excellent level of English (both written and oral); you show an interest in the Air Liquide Group;
  • you have applied for one of the courses offered as part of the programme;
  • you send a full application containing all the documents required (cf. section entitled “Mandatory application documents
It is important to note the following circumstances:
  • bi-national students are not eligible for the scholarship programme if their second nationality is French;
  • applications for apprenticeship or continuing education courses will be rejected outright;
  • a good command of French is not a prerequisite but an advantage in the selection process and should be regarded as one of the objectives to be reached by the end of your stay in France. Fluency in French may be required by the host institution;
  • you must have previously applied to enrol at one of the French institutions of higher education that are partners to the programme.
Selection criteria:
When deciding between candidates with similar skills and qualifications, preference will be given to students from low-income backgrounds. The Selection Committee’s proceedings are not made public, its decisions are final and no
reasons are given for them.

Eligible groups
Citizens of one of the following nine countries and currently enrolled at a university in your home country:
Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine

Participating Institutions
The approved fields are studied at one of the following institutions:
Fields of study
Awards are in the following fields:
  • Energy (materials, processes, fluid mechanics, etc.)
  • Industrial engineering (industrial system optimization, logistics, etc.)
  • Engineering (technology and innovation)
  • Economics / Finance
Number of awards
Maximum of 16 FULL scholarships will be awarded for the 2012-2013 academic year

Scholarship duration
The AIR LIQUIDE / MAEE academic scholarships are awarded for one year of studies in France at the Master 2 level

Scholarship benefits
Either the host institution or the Egide association will offer programme recipients a personalized welcome, support prior to departure and upon arrival to help them with the various administrative formalities, as well as help finding and reserving housing.

Following the selection procedure, if you are awarded a scholarship under the programme, you will receive:

  • a single flat-rate scholarship of €13,000 inclusive of tuition fees, orientation fees, and French language course fees, for which the corresponding amount will be deducted by the partner schools (please refer to the attached list of Masters available for further details). The remainder will allow you to cover your living expenses (housing, eating, books…) and will be transferred to you by regular payments.
  • the return ticket from and to your home country;
  • corporate mentoring within AIR LIQUIDE;
  • an end-of-course assignment offer within an AIR LIQUIDE entity in France, with a stipend of about 1 100€ per month;
  • career guidance support at the end of your stay in France:
AIR LIQUIDE can offer you a career opportunity only in your country of origin, provided you gain your diploma at the French partner school and a referral for recruitment from the course supervisor and the Human Resources Officer of the host entity in France, at the end of the scholarship programme.

2). From the MAEE and with funding from the French Embassy:
  • social and medical insurance cover that will give you the status of French government scholarship student and related advantages, including simplified visa applications, free transfer from airport upon arrival, exemption of administrative fee at your higher education institute, access to cultural activities at an attractive price;
  • intensive French-language courses before leaving for France, provided by the Alliances françaises network in your country of origin.
You may also apply for Personalized Housing Benefits (APL).

3). From the partner schools or the EGIDE Agency (in charge of managing French government international mobility programmes):
  • support before your departure and during your stay in France, including preparation for arrival in France, personalized welcome, assistance in obtaining a residence permit, looking for and reserving accommodation.
This year of studies in France will end with an internship at one of Air Liquide’s sites in France.

Method of Application
To apply, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1 -- Before the 4 MAY 2012 deadline for receiving applications, you must submit your application for a scholarship of the programme cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE/MAEE, electronically to the French Embassy.
You must also submit your application by that date to the French institution of higher education chosen by you from one of the programme’s partner institutions.

Step 2 -- Between 5 AND 18 MAY 2012, applications will be examined jointly by the French embassy and the Air Liquide subsidiary of your home country;

Step 3 -- If the scholarship application you sent to the Embassy is admissible, the French Embassy in your country of origin will send you a notification to attend an interview on the day the Selection Committee of the scholarship programme cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE / MAEE is scheduled to meet. Between 4 AND 15 JUNE 2012, the Committee for the Preselection of applicants for a scholarship under the programme cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE / MAEE (ALIS) will be convened in your country of origin under the authority of the French Embassy. It will be made up of a representative of the Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Service (SCAC) and Economic Mission, and of a representative of the AIR LIQUIDE Group subsidiary in your country of origin. You will be informed by the French Embassy of the Committee’s opinion on your application which may be preselected, placed on a supplementary list, or rejected.

Step 4 -- Selected applications will be sent to Paris electronically by the French Embassies in the countries concerned no later than 20 JUNE 2012.

Step 5 -- On 29 JUNE 2012, on the proposal of the Preselection Committee in your country of origin, the final list of the 16 selected applicants will be drawn up by consultation between AIR LIQUIDE and the MAEE. Following the examination of your application, you will be informed by the Embassy whether it has been selected for the award of a scholarship cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE/MAEE subject to final admission by the French higher education institution of your choice, or rejected.

The application deadline is 4 May 2012, and the results will be announced no later than 29 June 2012.

Before sending your scholarship application to the French Embassy, you must enrol at one of the programme’s higher education partner institutions by 4 May 2012. The partner higher education institutions offer several application sessions. Please check that the application session through which you are applying is open before 4 May 2012.

The successful applicants will be directly contacted by the French embassy of their home country after the final consultation between Air Liquide and the MAEE, and once their admission acted by the partner institutions.

Interested applicants may Download the registration form(doc)

For COMPLETE information on the programme and also sending your application, please contact the French Embassies’ in your region. For a list of French Embassies’ websites and contacts in your region, please visit the official website via the link provided below.

Application Deadline: 4 May 2012
Open to International students: Yes (but ONLY 'Eligible groups')

More Scholarship Information and Application

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