AACC International Foundation Scholarships

American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) International Foundation Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate students - 2012/2013

Study Subject: Any field (relevant to grain-based food science and technology)
Scholarship Level: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Fellowships
Scholarship Provider: AACC endowment fund & Int'l divisions, Companies
Scholarship can be taken at: USA

Scholarship Description
The purpose of the AACC (American Association of Cereal Chemists) International Foundation fellowship program is to encourage graduate research in grain-based food science and technology. Research in such disciplines as genetics, horticulture, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, or chemistry is not eligible unless it is directly related to the student’s primary research program dealing with a grain-based food science and technology related areas.

The general eligibility requirements for applicants for all fellowships are:
  1. Applicants must be a current AACC International Student Division member.
  2. The candidate must be enrolled in graduate studies by the time the fellowship becomes effective, or be a current graduate student pursuing a course of study leading to an MS or a Ph.D. degree.
  3. The educational institution in which the recipient is enrolled must be conducting fundamental investigations for the advancement of cereal science and technology, including oilseeds.
  4. A fellowship recipient becomes ineligible for further payments when all requirements for the degree for which the fellowship was awarded have been completed, or if, during the tenure of the fellowship, the student discontinues or substantially changes the research program proposed in the fellowship application. It is the separate responsibility of both the student and the appropriate department head to notify the AACC International Foundation within thirty (30) days of any such change.
  5. The recipient must be enrolled in an academic schedule that meets the minimum requirements of the university involved, for full-time graduate study.
  6. Age, sex, race, financial need, or previous receipt or non-receipt of an AACC Intl. scholarship or fellowship are not conditions of eligibility for any award.
  7. The value or terms of any award are subject to change upon agreement with the donor.
Eligible Groups
Africa: All African Countries are Eligible

Fields of Study
Grain-based food science and technology (cereal chemistry and technology)

Scholarship Benefits
Graduate fellowships of $3,000, $2,500, or $2,000 will be available for 2012-2013. In addition to these cash awards, fellowship winners will receive a certificate

Sponsorship Duration
Duration of study

Method of Application
Download 2012 Graduate Fellowship Application (pdf file)
Important Note: Applications, completed as required including any attachments and verifying signatures, must be received at AACC International Foundation Headquarters on or before March 1, 2012 to be considered for the 2012-2013 awards. All information and attachments requested in the application must be provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Material in excess of that requested will not be copied or included.

AACC International
3340 Pilot Knob Road
St. Paul, MN 55121
Phone: +1.651.454.7250
Fax: +1.651.454.0766

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 1, 2012 (annually)
Scholarship Open to International students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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