Lissie Rathbone Undergraduate Scholarships for International and Domestic Students

Lissie Rathbone Scholarships

Course(s) Offered: English, History
Course Level: Undergraduate
Provider: Lissie Rathbone Foundation
Country to Study in: New Zealand

Scholarship Description
The Lissie Rathbone Undergraduate Scholarship is offered at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand for both qualified domestic and international students.

The Lissie Rathbone Scholarships were established in 1925 by the trustees of the late Lissie Rathbone, who bequeathed one half of her residuary Estate for such charitable, educational or religious objects as the trustees should select.

Eligible applicants are invited to apply for the 2017/2018 edition of the Lissie Rathbone Scholarships

University of Canterbury Lissie Rathbone Scholarships

The scholarship is available for prospective undergraduate students who are citizens of countries other than New Zealand.

Candidates for each scholarship:
  1. must be under nineteen years of age on the first of December immediately preceding the date of the award of the scholarship;
  2. must be matriculated students of the University;
  3. may be of either sex;
  4. must be resident for one year preceding the award in the University of Canterbury district;
  5. must be enrolled as internal students of the University in a course for a degree, within the award of the University from time to time (subject to such regulations as may be consistent with the object of the scholarship) which may be selected by such scholar, his or her parents or guardians.
Each scholarship shall be awarded upon examination for excellence in the subjects of English and History,
provided that the Council shall not be bound to award the scholarship to the candidate solely on quality of
achievement in such subjects but may in its discretion take into account the financial circumstances of the
scholar, his or her parents, or guardians.

The qualification in which the award shall be made shall be NCEA level 3 or 4 or equivalent university
entrance qualifications, for English and History.

Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries, including NZ Domestic students can apply

Participating institutions
College of Arts, University of Canterbury; Christchurch, New Zealand

Fields of Study
Undergraduate level study in Arts (English and History) at UC

Number of awards
There shall be offered in each year one or more scholarships, as the funds will admit, to candidates qualified as set out in the Lissie Rathbone Scholarship Regulations.

Sponsorship duration
The tenure of each scholarship shall be for three years terminable, however, at any time if the Council, having received from the Academic Board an unfavourable report on the conduct or progress of the scholar, shall so determine.

Scholarship benefits
The current value of a scholarship is $750 per annum.

Method of Application
Application forms are available from the official webpage (link to it is below) approximately 8 weeks before applications close. If it’s possible to apply on-line for this scholarship there will be a link on the official webpage to the on-line system. If the link is not provided, please download and complete the application form located on that webpage.

However, if the scholarship is managed by Universities NZ or another department of the University an External Website link will appear on the webpage and application instructions will be available through that link.

The on-line application system requires you to have a myUC account; you must register with myUC prior to applying on-line for a scholarship.

It is important to visit the official webpage (link to it is below) for complete details on how to apply for this award.

Application may be made to the Registrar of the University of Canterbury no later than 5.00 p.m. on 31 March of each year.

Each scholarship shall be awarded upon examination for excellence in NCEA level 3 or 4 or equivalent university entrance qualifications, for English and History.

No candidate shall be awarded a scholarship whose overall quality of achievement in the qualification does not significantly exceed the minimum requirement for university entrance.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2017
Open to International students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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