Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships (US$ 23,000 per year) for Students from Developing Countries

ESED Scholarships Program

Course(s) Offered: Sustainable energy & related fields
Course Level: Graduate (masters)
Provider: The Partnership (formerly e8)
Country to Study in: Any country

Scholarship Description
In 2001, The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, formerly e8, established, the Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program to support outstanding students from developing countries pursuing advanced studies in sustainable energy development worldwide and to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.

The ESED Scholarships are available for up to 10 outstanding students from developing countries and economies in transition, for a period of up to two years for Masters Degree, awarded annually. Even if you meet all the requirements, you are not guaranteed the scholarship. The ESED Scholarships Program is a competition and your application will be compared to those of other applicants.

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership considers an outstanding student to be one who:
  • graduates with excellent grades in the top 20% of her/his class
  • is determined to advance her/his knowledge and understanding
  • has a history of community involvement
  • is committed to sustainable energy
  • is committed to return and contribute to her/his home country
To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must:
  • plan to undertake studies at the master’s level in areas directly related to sustainable energy development
  • be citizens of the developing countries and territories identified for OECD official development aid in the DAC List of ODA Recipients
Eligible Groups
Citizens of ANY Developing country or territory
(please see the DAC List of ODA Recipients)

Participating Institutions
All universities are eligible for the ESED scholarship. It is preferable that the candidate pursues her/his studies in a university outside his home country.

Fields of study
Advanced studies in sustainable energy development and related fields. Programs eligible for this scholarship must show a 75% focus on renewable energy and/or the power sector in general.

Number of awards
Up to ten scholarships will be awarded annually

Sponsorship duration
Scholarship will last for a period of up to two years (Masters Degree duration)

Scholarship benefits
Scholarships of US$ 23,000 per year for up to two years are offered for master’s level students

The sufficiency of the ESED scholarship to cover all your travel, tuition and living expenses will depend upon the university and the country where you wish to study. Tuition fees and living expenses vary significantly from country to country and from university to university. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will have sufficient funds.

Method of Application
To apply, you must be a citizen of a developing country or territory identified for OECD official development aid in the DAC List of ODA Recipients. Information and required forms can be obtained online by visiting the Application Forms page.

Applications should be submitted using the Online ESED Scholarship Application Submission and uploading the requested documents. The online application system and application forms are now available (since early January 2016).

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete details on how to apply. Please note that Applications sent by e-mail or mail will no longer be accepted.

Applications for the ESED Master’s Scholarship commenced in early January 2016. The deadline to apply is March 4, 2016

All documents must be uploaded by the deadline. All documents uploaded after the deadline will not be considered.

You are expected to complete your degree or your research, update the organization about your progress and publish your results. You are required to acknowledge the Partnership’s support when publishing or making presentations on your research and results. You may be asked to present your results at a Partnership function, in which case your out of pocket expenses incurred to make the presentation will be covered by the organization.

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation whose members are the world’s leading electricity companies. They proudly promote sustainable energy development through electricity sector projects and human capacity building activities in developing and emerging nations worldwide.

Application Deadline: 4 March 2016
Open to International Students: Yes (ONLY from developing countries)

More Scholarship Information and Application

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