Maltina National Reading Competition for Nigerian students

Maltina National Reading Competition

Course(s) Offered: Essay Writing Competition
Essay Level: Undergraduate (SS1 - SS3 students)
Provider: Nigerian Breweries Plc
Country to Write Essay in: Nigeria

Scholarship Description
The guideline for the fourth edition of National Reading Competition is informed by our renewed commitment to ensure a free and fair conduct of the competition across the federation. The key issue remains the need for a sustained effort aimed at improving the reading culture among our youths. Since our desire is to improve on the recorded success of the first, second and third editions, we are therefore compelled to update the working manual in line with new realities and the core objectives of the competition which include:-
  • Enabling students develop a reading culture and creative imagination
  • Expanding their vocabulary, comprehensive and writing abilities
  • Encouraging independent and multi-faceted access to information
  • Arousing their interests on issues outside their curriculum
Accordingly, the following guidelines will be used throughout the duration of the competition. Where there are new developments, we shall ensure that information gets to you in good time.

The management of the Nigerian Breweries Plc has formally sent out press releases to announce the commencement of the fourth edition of the National reading Competition. In the same vein state coordinators in the respective states are expected to get in touch with secondary school Principals in their states.

There will be four (4) levels of competition: School, State, Zonal and National. In this edition, three (3) books each will be read at both the Zonal and National Finals.

Only SS1 to SS3 pupils are eligible.
The test is purely based on knowledge of events around the students, comprehension, and vocabulary and writing capabilities.

Each Principal is expected to conduct the school examination in their respective schools and produce the two (2) best candidates that will represent the school at the state leg of the competition. At this stage of the competition students will be tested in two areas viz: - general knowledge through objective questions and vocabulary. The purpose of this is to de-emphasize the use of texts from WAEC syllabus which people believe gives art students advantage over the science students. All school examinations across the federation are expected to take place on the same day and principals are enjoined to make sure that the attendance register for the school examination is handed over to the state coordinator as non provision of one will lead to disqualification of the students from that school.

Students are expected to read as well as listen to comments on national issues to enhance their chances of qualifying for the next stage.

Each state Director of Schools or the project coordinator in the state will conduct the examinations. The examination will hold in the designated centres that will ensure widest participation. Marking of scripts must however be done centrally to ensure good evaluation and judgement. Also students at this stage of the competition will be tested on general knowledge i.e. current affairs, all subject areas and their vocabulary

Each state including Abuja will produce her best five candidates who will proceed to the Zonal stage.

November 22 -24, 2009: ZONAL LEVEL EXAMINATIONS
Arrival is on November 22, 2009
Departure is on November 24, 2009

The host state’s Director of Schools or the project coordinator in every state hosting the Zonal finals will help in conducting the examination. The centres are as follows:
  • South-South Zone: Asaba
  • South-East Zone: Enugu
  • South-West Zone: Abeokuta
  • North-East Zone: Jalingo
  • North-Central Zone: Makurdi
  • North-West Zone: Kaduna
  • Abuja Zone: Abuja
Each zone including Abuja will produce four (4) and three (3) candidates respectively that will proceed to the National final in Abuja.

In the conduct of Zonal stage of the competition, students will be tested on the three (3) prescribed text books. There will also be questions covering all facets of life including art, science, events and people as well as their vocabulary and comprehension ability. The Zonal stage of the competition will take the same format as the finals of the competition.

Note: Evaluators that will mark and grade scripts for the zone will be provided from other states outside of the Zone.

Students will be graded based on their overall scores in the examinations.

January 24-26, 2010: NATIONAL FINALS
January 24: Arrival of Finalists and escorts
January26: Departure

In the National stage of the competition, questions will be drawn from the prescribed text. There will also be objective questions drawn from all facets of life. Both shall form the basis of grading the students. The question to be answered by students from the prescribed texts shall be picked through lucky dip. Students are therefore encouraged to read all texts.

The texts for the national finals will be handed over to the students upon emerging from the Zonal finals.
A committee of examiners will conduct the examination. The venue will be communicated.
Nigerian Breweries Plc will provide the prescribed textbooks and necessary logistics for successful National finals.

Prizes will be given at the Zonal and National stages, and will be personal to the pupils and their respective schools. The prizes will be won as follows:
Zonal Stage:
  • Winner - N50,000
  • First Runner-Up - N40,000
  • Second Runner-Up - N30,000
  • Winners’ schools will also receive cash prizes
National Stage:
  • Winner: N200,000 and a laptop as personal gifts. A plaque, two (2) desktop computers and books worth N650,000 for the winner’s school.
  • First Runner-Up: N150,000 and a desktop computer as personal gifts. A plaque and books worth N400,000 for the school.
  • Second Runner-Up: N100,000 and a desktop computer as personal gifts. A plaque and books worth N200,000 for the school.
Twenty-four (24) finalists and Twenty-seven (27) teachers get cash prize of N15,000 each. Maltina branded T-shirts, rulers, school bags and other items will also be given to all contestants.

In other to support your efforts towards making sure that posters get to the remote parts of the state, we would make posters available in three (3) post offices where intending candidates and principals can pick from.

All enquiries should be directed to Wale Adeniyi, on 08025998330, 08038772580 or Yomi Adeyemi, on 08027548313, or your state Director of Schools in the Ministry of Education. Schools can also log on to for more information.

Essay Open to International Applicants: No (ONLY Nigerians)

More Scholarship Information and Application (pdf)

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