PhD Stipend at University of Copenhagen for Dynamics of Assembly of Multi-protein Complexes

Doctorate Stipend

Course(s) Offered: Sciences
Course Level: Graduate (PhD)
Provider: University of Copenhagen
Country to Work in: Denmark

Scholarship Description
The University of Copenhagen in Denmark offers Doctorate Stipend in the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology.

Eligibility / Qualifications
The positions are available for a 3-year period for applicants holding a relevant master*s degree or for a 4-year period for applicants who are already enrolled or are accepted to be enrolled at one of the faculty´ master´ programmes. At the time of commencement, applicants for the 4-year period must have approximately one year of study remaining before graduating from their MSc programme.

The successful applicant of the PhD scholarship must pass an enrolment in the LIFE Graduate School before the faculty can finish the letter of employment.

Graduate School of Faculty of Life Sciences, LIFE strives to give our students the best international career prospects within our main research areas.

Eligible groups
Open to Danish citizens

Participating Institutions
Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, LIFE Graduate School, University of Copenhagen; Denmark

Fields of study
PhD research in Dynamics of Assembly of Multi-protein Complexes.

The cell is a busy place, where supramolecular machines facilitate a diversity of biological tasks. How these machines are assembled within the crowded cellular milieu – where the likelihood of random encounters is low – and how the cellular components are able to find their way to the final destination are central questions in biological sciences.

There is an increasing awareness that we have to think in terms of the interactomes as opposed to the classical one-protein-at-a-time approach. In this project we study pathway-specific supramolecular complexes using the model plant Arabidopsis and its primary defense compounds, glucosinolates, which is a powerful model system with extensive ´omics tools available.

The project employs targeted and untargeted state-of-the-art protein-protein interaction methodologies to identify interacting proteins and employ advanced bioimaging technology for in vivo validation. First task will be to identify interaction partners for the enzymes in the pathway.

Number of awards
Not specified

Sponsorship duration
Stipend will cover both the 3 and the 4 year doctoral appointments

Fellowship benefits
Stipend will cover the research, however, contact the sponsor for specific details

Method of Application
Applications are made online. Please contact the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology of the University of Copenhagen for guidance on applications.

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this doctoral stipend.

The last day to submit your interest is 1 September 2011

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) (Danish: KĂžbenhavns Universitet) is the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. Founded in 1479 as a studium generale, it is the second oldest institution for higher education in Scandinavia after Uppsala University (1477).

The university has four campuses located in and around Copenhagen, with the headquarters located in central Copenhagen. Most courses are taught in Danish; however, many courses are also offered in English and a few in German. The university has several thousands of foreign students, about half of whom come from Nordic countries.

Application Deadline: 1 September 2011
Open to International Applicants: No

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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