Afro-Asian Institute Scholarships Programme for Developing Countries

The Scholarship Programme

Course(s) Offered: All field
Course Level: Undergraduate, Graduate (masters, PhD)
Provider: Austrian Development Cooperation
Country to Study in: Austria

Scholarship description
Afro-Asiatisches Institut Graz (Afro-Asian Institute Graz) offers the scholarship programme of the AAI Graz. The Scholarship Programme (formerly, One World Scholarships Program) is directed at students from developing countries at Austrian Universities and Universities of applied sciences.

The Afro-Asian Institute Scholarships Programme is meant to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of people from different regions and countries of origin by enhancing equal opportunities, dialogue, intercultural know-how and partnership. It promotes the development of capacities in the countries of the developing world and promotes their own expert and innovation potential.

The AAI Scholarship Programme is multi-financed (public, church and private means) and makes an important contribution to economic, social and cultural development of the countries of the developing world. By supporting students from countries of the developing world future experts and skilled specialists will be qualified, willing and able to participate in solving development policy tasks in their home countries.

Afro-Asian Institute Scholarships Programme for Developing Countries

The scholarship programme is available to students from Africa, Asia and Latin America interested in development policy and who have come to Austria upon their own initiative in order to complete their education here.

Student support schemes make a contribution to honour the right to education also for those who, as critical and intellectual young people, find bad conditions in their home countries. These aspects apply to an even larger extent to women.

The forms of scholarships are subdivided into:
1. Scholarships to promote students in diploma/master studies (application in Austria)
2. Scholarships to promote students in doctorate studies (application in Austria).

Eligible groups
Citizens of Africa, Asia and Latin America

Participating Institution(s)
All approved Universities and Universities of applied sciences in Austria

Field(s) of study
Selected programmes in participating universities at masters degrees level, doctoral degrees level and training programmes.

Through co-op programmes – like the organization of workshops and seminaries with regard to return and re-integration, job perspectives and applications as well as respective consultant talks, the project objective of successful job re-integration in the country of origin is substantially strengthened.

Number of awards
Not specified by sponsor

Scholarship benefits
The Scholarship Programme is conceived as a comprehensive programme, which will comprise scholarships, study-accompanying measures and tutoring, study-accompanying training, supporting reintegration and follow up-contacts. Recipients of the scholarships are exempt from tuition fees.

In addition to the scholarships, the AAI will also hand out general benefits (e.g. for learning aids, visa fees) and allowances for the costs of the university preparation programme to students in need from southern countries.

The monthly allowance amounts between 500 and 550 Euro.

Method of Application
If you are interested in applying, you can download the application form for the Scholarship. Application with the help of an application form can be made every year from 1st March till 31st May. The application form for the scholarship programme can be found here: Scholarship application form (pdf)

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on this scholarship programme.

Applications open 1st March every year, with an annual deadline of 31st May to apply for this scholarship. The next deadline is 31 May 2017

The Scholarship Programme is a mobility programme acknowledged by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Art (in terms of scholarship regulations). It has been established within the Austrian Cooperation for Education, and together with the other programmes it supports the concerns of eligible students (struggle against poverty, resource conservation, peace-keeping etc.), the establishment and expansion of accordingly qualified personnel and the advancement of educational- and economic systems (capacity and institution development) with lasting effects.

The Afro-Asian Institute is an open house that has been creating opportunities since 1964: residence for young people from Africa, Asia and Latin America who come to Styria for their studies, social-political and cultural impetus from various countries and contact point for all those who are interested in global matters. This communication and meeting centre acts as point of contact with Austrian students, institutions and organizations and also a service centre and as a residence for 50 students from all over the world. Since its opening, the Café Global has been seen as an international meeting point of the House and offers dishes and beverages from different world regions in a comfortable and multicultural atmosphere at student-friendly prices.

The Afro-Asian institute is located in the Geidorf district, in the vicinity of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

Application Deadline: 31 May 2017
Open to International students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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