Elise Richter Programme in Austria for Female Scientists

Elise Richter Programme

Course(s) Offered: Any discipline
Course Level: Postdoctoral (University Career)
Provider: FWF
Country to Study in: Austria

Scholarship Description
The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is offering extremely well qualified female scientists who are working towards a career in universities the chance of a two-stage funding for a total of six years.

The career development programme for female scientists and academics is divided into the Hertha Firnberg Programme for post-docs, which aims to support women at the start of their academic careers, and the Elise Richter Programme for senior post-docs and the Elise Richter Program for arts-based research, Elise Richter PEEK, which aim at providing the necessary qualifications to apply for professorial positions within Austria or abroad.

You are welcome to apply if you are a woman, and satisfy the requirements as outlined below.

Target group are highly qualified female scientists and scholars of any discipline, who strive for an university career.

  • appropriate postdoctoral experience
  • international scientific publications
  • preparatory work related to the proposed research project
  • no age limit
Eligible groups
Citizens of ANY country of the world (but MUST be female)

Participating Institutions
Any university or other research institution in Austria or abroad

Fields of study
Women working in ANY field are welcome

Number of awards
Not specified

Sponsorship duration
The length of fellowship is 12 to 48 months.

If an Elise Richter application is submitted immediately following a Hertha Firnberg Position, the maximum length of time for which support may be requested is 36 months.

Scholarship benefits
The value of the award include:
  • personnel costs 70,610 € (Senior Postdoc)
  • project specific costs up to 15,000 € per year as outlined in the proposal (therefore 2,000 € per year can be used for coaching purposes)
Method of Application
Applications should be submitted to the FWF (Department for International Mobility and Promotion of Female Scientists).

All parts of the free-form application, the abstracts and the enclosures (responses to reviews or final reports in the case of follow-up projects) must be submitted in 11pt type, line spacing 1.5.

Applications can be submitted on paper (along with a data medium) or online at https://elane.fwf.ac.at.

It is important to visit the official scholarship webpage (link to it is below) for complete information and to download important documents (like the Application guidelines, Instructions on forms, Application forms, etc) and to access the Electronic application portal.

If the available level of funds is sufficient there will be 2 calls for application per year, in spring and in autumn, with in each case a 6 to 8-week deadline for applications. Next call is October 17 - December 16, 2016 (date of the postmark)

At the time of a call the Board meeting will be specified at which the funding decisions will be taken (generally in November for the spring call and in June for the autumn call).

The Elise Richter programme has been conceived as a specific funding measure for women in science and research.

Goals of the Elise Richter Programme:
  • to support the academic career of highly qualified female scientists and scholars and to enhance their university career
  • after completion of the program a level of qualification should be accomplished which enables participants to apply for a local or abroad professorship. ("Habilitation" or equal qualification)
Application Deadline: 16 December 2016
Open to International Applicants: Yes

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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