Postdoctoral Research Associate & Career Development Fellowship in Public Health Research

Postdoctoral Research Associate / Career Development Fellowship

Course(s) Offered: Public Health
Course Level: Postdoctoral research
Provider: University of Cambridge
Country to Study in: UK

Scholarship Description
The UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) invites applications for a number of Post Doctoral Research Associate positions. These are Postdoctoral Research Associate / Career Development Fellowships in Public Health Research at CEDAR.

The UKCRC CEDAR is one of 5 Centres of Excellence in Public Health Research. CEDAR is driven by the overall goal of developing effective public health interventions for changing population level diet and physical activity behaviours.

Successful applicants will have completed doctoral studies in a relevant discipline and have a background or interest in public health research.

Eligible groups
Citizens of ANY country

Participating Institutions
Cambridge Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge; UK

Fields of study
Post-Doctoral level research in the area of Public Health.

The roles will follow the model of the MRC Career Development Fellowship Scheme which provides post-doctoral scientists with a fixed term training position to improve their research and transferable skills.

Number of award
Not specified

Sponsorship duration
Funding will cover the complete duration of the postdoctoral research period

Scholarship benefit
The wide breadth of partners within CEDAR provides an excellent environment for research training and development.

Method of Application
To apply, visit the official website to download the Application Form. You must fully fill in the form and submit it in a timely manner. See the application deadline dates below.

Your application deadline is 8th March 2011

The MRC Epidemiology Unit hosts the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), one of five UKCRC funded Centres of Excellence in Public Health Research. CEDAR, which also includes researchers from the MRC Biostatistics Unit and the University of East Anglia, has enabled the Unit to develop its work on the wider determinants of dietary and physical activity related behaviours.

CEDAR is building research capacity, broadening understanding of the factors that influence what we eat and how much we move around, and is developing and evaluating population level interventions. This is enabling it to work with practice and policy to influence strategies to support sustainable healthy behaviours at the population level.

Application Deadline: 8 March 2011
Open to International Students: Yes

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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