Taiwan Government Scholarships for International Students

Taiwan Scholarship Program

Course(s) Offered: All study programs
Course Level: Undergraduate (bachelors), Postgraduate (masters, PhD)
Provider: Government of Taiwan - MOE, MOFA and NSC
Country to Study in: Taiwan (Universities and Colleges)

Scholarship Description
The Taiwan Government through the Ministry of Education (MOE) offers Bachelors, Masters, and PhD scholarships for international students who wants to study in Taiwan Colleges and Universities through the Taiwan Scholarship Program.

The program aims to encourage outstanding international students (excluding students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) to undertake degree studies in Taiwan so as to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in Taiwan and promote communication, understanding and friendship between Taiwan and countries around the world.

The Taiwan Scholarship Program was established jointly by three government agencies of the Republic of China (Taiwan) - the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC).

Applicants must be a foreign national with a high-school diploma or post-secondary degree(s), with an excellent academic record, and be of good moral character.

Applicants are INELIGIBLE if they meet the following criteria:
  • Are R.O.C. nationals or overseas Chinese students
  • Are already registered or have obtained student status at any university/college in Taiwan. Graduating students pursuing further studies are exempt from this rule.
  • Have already studied in Taiwan for the same level of degree as the one in which they currently intend to enroll.
  • Are exchange or dual/joint degree students admitted in accordance with academic cooperation agreements between local universities/colleges and international universities/colleges.
  • Have been a recipient of the Taiwan Scholarship for over a total of five years.
  • Are recipients of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or education institutions in Taiwan. This excludes subsidies offered by universities/colleges to cover tuition and other fees exceeding the scholarship limit.
Applicants should apply directly for admission within the deadlines specified by each university/college listed in the “Association of Taiwan Scholarship Program Schools” (see link below). Applications for admission outside of the universities/colleges participating in the Taiwan Scholarship Program are automatically disqualified and will not be returned.

Selection Criteria
  • Recipients academic study goals should be consistent with Taiwan’s national development plans so as to assist in the growth of industry, economy and education.
  • Recipients should achieve an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and a postgraduate GPA of 3.5 or above (on a 4.5 scale).
  • Interviews must be conducted in person or by video conferencing so as to interact with the applicants and better judge their demeanor and moral character.
  • Priority will be given to applicants with a certificate in TOCFL-levels of: intermediate or above. For applications to all-English programs, a copy of TOEFL test scores or other recognized English language proficiency exams at the intermediate level or a test score of over 75% must be submitted.
Eligible groups
The scholarship is open to all international students from any country, excluding students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Participating Institutions
All study programs offered at selected universities and colleges in Taiwan. (You must confirm with the University/College of your choice if they are participating in the scholarship program)

Fields of Study
The scholarships cover a wide range of disciplines

Sponsorship duration
The maximum period of each scholarship is four years for undergraduate programs, two years for master programs, and four years for doctorate programs. The maximum length of the total awards for each recipient undertaking a combination of studies is five years.

Scholarship Benefits
The MOE awards outstanding international students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Taiwan by awarding each recipient of the Taiwan scholarship the following:

1). Tuition and payment of academic fees, including credit fee.
Upon validation of tuition and above fees, the MOE awards each recipient per semester up to NTD40,000. If the total amount of these fees should exceed NTD40,000, the remainder of all costs shall be covered by either the recipient, or the recipient’s college. Tuition and academic fees do not include any of the following: administration fees, thesis advising fees, insurance premiums, accommodation, Internet access, all of which are payable by the recipients.

2). Subsistence allowance:
The MOE offers each recipient undertaking undergraduate studies a monthly stipend of NTD15,000; it offers each recipient undertaking postgraduate studies a monthly stipend of NTD20,000.

Method of Application
Scholarship applicants should apply directly for admission to Taiwan universities and colleges of their choice within their specified application deadlines. For the application process, guidelines and forms, types of scholarship and quotas, selection criteria and deadlines, applicants should directly contact the relevant Taiwan Embassy or Representative Office, as early as possible or by 31 January each year.

To apply for the scholarship, the applicant must send all completed documents to the nearest Taiwan Embassy or Representative Office in his/her home country (Taiwan Scholarship Application Form, copy of applicant’s passport or other nationality certificates, copy of highest degree and academic transcripts, copy of admission application materials to universities/colleges in Taiwan, copy of a language proficiency certificate, Two letters of reference, Additional documents as specified by the individual representative offices.)

It is important to visit your country website or the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this scholarship.

In principle, the yearly application period is from 1 February through 31 March. However, the actual application period will be in accordance with the general regulations of the local Taiwan Representative Offices.

Candidates and their awarding universities/colleges are to be notified by May 31st of each year. Successful candidates should submit a copy of their letter of admission to their local Taiwan Representative Office for verification by June 30th of each year. The list of recipients must be finalized no later than July 31st of each year.

For more, you may visit the nearest Taiwan embassy or representative office in your country.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2013
Open to International students: Yes (EXCEPT as above)

More Scholarship Information and Application(MOFA Taiwan Scholarship)
More Scholarship Information and Application(Revised Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines)

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