Emile Boutmy Scholarships in France for Undergraduate and Postgraduate International Students

The Emile-Boutmy Scholarships

Course(s) Offered: All fields
Course Level: Undergraduate (bachelors), Graduate (masters)
Provider: Sciences Po
Country to Study in: France

Scholarship Description:
Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy Scholarship after the founder of Sciences Po (1871) in order to attract the very best international students from outside of the European Union.

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is awarded to top international students who are applying to or previously admitted at Sciences Po University, and whose profile match the admissions priorities and individual course requirements of the school.

Eligible applicants are now encouraged for the 2020/2021 Emile-Boutmy Scholarships.

Emile Boutmy Scholarships

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be, first time applicants, from a non-European Union state, whose household does not file taxes within the European Union, and who have been admitted to the Undergraduate or Master's programme.

Selection criteria:
The scholarship is awarded to students with excellent academic credentials and whose profile matches that of their chosen course. Students’ financial situations are also taken into account when assessing their applications.

Students who are not eligible are:
  • Swiss and Norwegian applicants, since they may be entitled to CROUS scholarships
  • Candidates who have dual citizenship, including an EU citizenship
  • Candidates from Quebec for master’s degree (since they may take advantage of sliding scale fees same as European applicants). Candidates from Quebec for a bachelor’s degree are eligible
  • Master’s level dual-degree candidates. Only applicants for the following dual degrees are eligible:
    • the dual degree in Journalism Sciences Po/Columbia University
    • the dual degree Sciences Po/Fudan University with the concentration Europe-Asia in Global Affairs (only applicants with Chinese nationality)
    • the dual degree Sciences Po/Peking University (only applicants with Chinese nationality)
  • Ph.D. programme students (thesis)
  • Candidates for the 1 year Master's programmes
  • Bachelor dual degree candidates
  • Exchange students
  • Candidates applying via the French graduate admission procedure 
  • Candidates can not cumulate their applications for the joint scholarship with CSC and the Emile Boutmy Simple Scholarship.
The Emile-Boutmy scholarship may not be combined with other scholarship (Eiffel scholarship, AEFE scholarship, BGF...), unless otherwise decided by the jury.

This scholarship is awarded based on merit and according to the type of profile sought for this programme. Social criteria are also taken into account.

This scholarship is not automatically awarded: candidates must indicate their wish to apply directly in their online bachelor or master’s application form.

Eligible groups
Citizens of ANY Non-EU country
(i.e. International Students from any country outside the European Union)

Participating Institution(s)
Sciences Po University, Paris, France

Fields of study
All Undergraduate or Masters level courses offered at Science Po University. Some dual courses are eligible (see 'Eligibility' above).

The courses are in French or English. Please check the appropriate Sciences Po course description.

Sponsorship duration
For the whole duration of the specific programme - 3 years of undergraduate study OR 2 years of postgraduate study. The length of the scholarship is always dependent on scholarship recipients' academic results; they must be ranked within the top half of students within their year group. See important notes below for more.

Scholarship benefits
The Emile Boutmy programme can take several different forms ranging from €3,000 to €7,300 per year for the 3 years of undergraduate study. On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of €19,000 may be granted to cover the three years of College.

The Emile Boutmy programme can take several different forms ranging from €5,000 to €10,000 per year for 2 years of postgraduate study. On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of €19,000 may be granted to cover 2 years of the Master’s Programme.

Method of Application
Only admitted students are considered for this scholarship. It is NOT automatically awarded. Thus, you must apply for admission to study at Sciences Po University and be accepted before being considered for this scholarship.

To apply successfully to this scholarship, you must indicate it on your application form, and include proof of income and relevant documents explaining your family situation. If you do not attach the completed form and required documents, your application for the scholarship will not be taken into consideration.

To access and download the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship, visit the official website (link to it is below).

For the 2020-2021 academic year, undergraduate applicants for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships must submit their application by 2 May 2017 at the very latest. Graduate applicants must submit their application by 15 December 2017.

Applications received after these dates will not be processed.

The Emile Boutmy scholarship may not be supplemented with other scholarships (e.g. Eiffel scholarship, AEFE shcolarship, BGF, etc).

The scholarship is awarded based on factors of excellence and according to the type of profile sought for this programme. Social criteria are also taken into account.

For the Undergraduate programme:
  • If the scholarship recipients' academic results are not within the upper half of their year group at the end of the second semester of the first year, they will forfeit their right to the scholarship for the second year.
  • If the scholarship recipient is within the top 10% of his year group at the end of the first year, he/she is eligible for a tuition fees grant as well as for a grant to cover living costs for the second year of study. This comes in addition to the tuition fees grant. Only students having requested this grant will be considered.
  • During the year abroad (third year of the undergraduate programme):
    Scholarship recipients who are among the top 50% of students in their year group at the end of their second year will retain their tuition fee grant during their year abroad.
  • For those students awarded a grant to cover living costs in their second year, a grant to cover the costs of the stay abroad will be provided if deemed necessary and if the destination justifies.
For the masters programme:
  • Scholarship recipients will forfeit their right to the grant if their academic results are not with the top 50% of students within their year group at the end of the first year.
Application Deadline: 2 May 2017 (UG) / 15 Dec 2019 (PG)
Open to International students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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