Scholarships / Assistantships for BScN Degree Program, Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad

Scholarships and Assistantships for BScN Degree Program, Shifa College of Nursing, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Shifa College of Nursing offers a 4-year BSc Nursing program which was established in 2004 with the commitment to provide nursing students with sound knowledge, and competency to provide quality nursing care to individuals, families and communities.

The College graduated its first batch of BSc Nursing Students under Faculty of Health Sciences, Bahria University in December 1997.  Altogether 18 students were graduated, 13 male and 5 female students.

Shifa College of Nursing (SCN) has also launched its 2-Year Post-RN BScN Degree Program which started from January 2008. This program will also support to raise the image and status of Nursing profession in Pakistani society by admitting those nurses who have completed Diploma in nursing and have some years of working experience.

The main user of this program is SIH from where three to four nurses will come every year for upgrading their knowledge and skills and they would be prepared to enter back into the profession as leaders and managers

Merit Scholarships
In lines with the philosophy of promoting quality and recognizing merit, the College has instituted Merit Scholarships and awards. Merit scholarship is granted in each academic year at SCN for the following achievements

a. Merit Scholarships for BScN Program/Post RN BScN.
  • A merit scholarship of Rs. 10,000 is awarded to a student securing 80% and above in the preparatory exam.
  • A merit scholarship of Rs. 10,000 is awarded every year to students on the basis of merit & need.
Various sponsorships / assistantship are available which are offered to students on the basis of merit and need. Following types of sponsorships are available:

SIH sponsorship
Students do not pay tuition fee and in return they sign a 3 year service agreement with SIH.

Shifa Foundation Sponsorship
Students receive 50 % tuition benefit as loan which they return after graduation.

Qazi Foundation Sponsorship
Sponsorship is available to applicants (preferably for female) from Chakwal who will get full sponsorship and in return sign a 2 year service agreement to work in Chakwal.

J & J sponsorship
Female students only from earthquake areas are provided full sponsorship in form of loan which is retuned in easy installment over a long period after graduation.

Insha Foundation
Only tuition fee will be provided to one female student from any area as loan which is returned, in installments, within 4 years time after graduation

Further details can be obtained after successfully completing preparatory exam.

Application Deadline: 31 August 2010

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