List of World Bank Scholarship and Fellowship Programs

World Bank Institute (WBI) Scholarship and Fellowship Programs for graduate students from eligible developing countries

WBI’s Scholarship and Fellowships Programs are vehicles for knowledge sharing and capacity building in the developing world. The Programs provide opportunities for graduate and postgraduate studies leading to masters and doctoral degrees in development-related fields for mid-career professionals from eligible developing countries.

WBI supplements its training programs by managing three programs:
  1. Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSM)
    The RSM Fellowships Program provides support to young researchers working in academic and research institutions from eligible countries preparing a doctoral thesis. Research grants cover residence costs for a 5 to 10 month period in a renowned university or research center. Fellows are expected to advance their research work mainly by using the facilities and resources provided by the host institution and by interacting with more.

  2. Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship (JJ/WBGS) Program
    The JJ/WBGSP, sponsored by the Government of Japan, is for graduate studies in subjects related to economic development. Each year, the Program awards scholarships to individuals from World Bank member countries to undertake graduate studies at renowned universities throughout member countries of the Bank. Scholars are required to return to their home countries on completion of their study programs and apply their enhanced knowledge and skills to contribute to the development process in their respective regions and more.

  3. Japan Indonesia Presidential Scholarship Program (JIPS)
    Funded by a grant from the, JIPS Program supports PhD studies in an academic field of study covered by ten Indonesian Centers of Excellence participating in the program. Each of these newly established Centers of Excellence is located at a leading higher education institution in the country with a demonstrated track record in the pursuit of excellence. The goal of the program is to promote excellence in research in these Centers to support the Ministry of National Education in its mission to improve the quality of higher education and research in the more.

  4. JJ/WBGS Program for Public Policy and Taxation
    The World Bank annually awards five scholarships to the PPT program. The first level of screening of candidates will be done at Yokohama National University. The final decision regarding scholarship recipients will be made by the World more.
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