Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for African Girls in Secondary Schools

Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship For Girls

Course(s) Offered: Any field
Course Level: Elementary / Secondary
Provider: AISA Scholarship Fund
Country to Study in: Any country

Scholarship Description
In her lifetime Margaret Sanders was a keen supporter of girls’ education. Now, thanks to a generous endowment from her family and friends that is managed by AISA (Association of International Schools in Africa), and in cooperation with our full member schools, AISA is proud to offer the Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Girls.

The Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Girls seeks to work with participating AISA Full Member Schools to offer one or more annual scholarships to deserving female students.

This is a multiyear scholarship that is intended to defray a range of incidental expenses associated with the recipient girl’s successful passage to graduation. These expenses may vary from school to school. Applications are welcome for the Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship.

Eligibility for Participation
Financial support for this scholarship is available to AISA Full Member schools only. The participating school is responsible for identifying and processing applications from female students who are first country nationals residing in countries where the school is located.

There is no age restriction for this scholarship but candidates will normally be secondary school students (Grade 9-12). Support for students commencing earlier than grade 9 will be considered under exceptional circumstances.

A participating school must be prepared to make a long term commitment to the scholarship student and to the administrative aspects of the AISA Scholarship for Girls. These are outlined in the official document.

Individual students cannot apply to AISA directly for this scholarship

Eligible groups
Citizens of African countries (attending ANY AISA Full Member school)

Participating Institutions
Accredited elementary and/or secondary schools within the geographical region served by AISA. For more information on AISA schools AND for the current AISA Full School Members, see the AISA Full Member Directory page.

Fields of study
Courses taught at the elementary and/or secondary levels of education

Number of awards
This annual Scholarship may be offered to more than one student per year, funds permitting

Sponsorship duration
This annual scholarships will last throughout the duration of the student's education.

The student’s studies must be completed within the timeframe indicated on the application form submitted by the participating school to the AISA Board. AISA bears no responsibility for the progress (academic or otherwise) of the student.

There will be no extensions of the scholarship period unless specific application is made to the AISA Board before March 15th of the current year of study. Each application for an extension will be considered on a case by case basis.

Scholarship benefits
Participating schools commit to covering core tuition costs associated with the student’s education, year on year until graduation. The Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship supports the school contribution by covering a full range of incidental expenses such as extracurricular activities, school camps and IT expenses.

The maximum value of any single scholarship is US$2,000 per annum per student.

Method of Application
All applications must be received from a Full Member School. Individual students cannot apply to AISA directly for this scholarship.

Each participating school is welcome to design and implement a scholarship application process appropriate to their context. Once the school has selected their scholarship nominee, they are invited to submit the candidate to AISA for consideration of the Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Girls. Only one nomination can be made per full member school per year.

It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for the complete information on applying to this scholarship

Applications must be received by AISA no later than March 1st prior to the school year during which the scholarship will commence. Thus, for the 2018-2019 academic session, all applications must be received on or before March 1, 2018

AISA shall work in close harmony with the participating school toward the common aims and purposes of the Margaret Sanders AISA Scholarship for Girls Program. AISA will administer scholarships in the best interest of the recipient student and in keeping with the rules and regulations set forth herein. AISA will determine if the participating school is a bona fide AISA Full Member school and/or otherwise acceptable to the Board.

Across Africa there are many talented and academically gifted girl students who are unable to complete their schooling due to a variety of social, economic and/or cultural reasons. Key among these is a lack of financial support.

Born in 1910, Margaret Sanders was a pioneer for her time, holding roles as varied as advertising designer, writer, air traffic controller, photographer and international yearbook representative. Margaret passed away in June, 2009, leaving a legacy of giving through her scholarship fund in perpetuity.

Application Deadline: 1 March 2018
Open to International students: No (ONLY Africans)

More Scholarship Information and Application

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