Denmark: COP15 Climate Scholarships for International Students to Study Climate Change

COP15 Climate Scholarships

Course(s) Offered: Climate Change
Course Level: Postgraduate (masters, research)
Provider: Government of Denmark
Country to Study in: Denmark

Tuition free schools to remain !

News: Tuition free schools to remain !

The number of international students studying in tuition free schools has grown rapidly over the years, primarily due to two factors.

Study Loans for International Students to Study Abroad

Easily Repayable Study Loans for International Students to Study Abroad

Last year, we ran an article on the sensible tips and advise necessary for all international students wishing to study outside of their home country to take prior to traveling. However, it is clear that financing international study for any student is not an easy venture for both the student and their families.

Internship programs in the US - work study programs!

We have not tried to hide the fact that it is generally difficult for international students studying in the USA to obtain jobs while doing their studies. Several articles on this site have explained the types and processes involved in obtaining such jobs including:

Campus Jobs for students in USA and Canada

For two reasons, it is not advisable for international students to rely solely on employment during their study period or schooling abroad as a primary funding source for their education.

Off Campus Job rules for Canadian bound international students

Previously, international students were restricted to on-campus work in Canada but over the years, Canada has made dramatic changes to the rules governing how these students work. There are over 150,000 international students in Canada, and the majority of them are eligible to work off-campus.