Biomedical Vacation Scholarships for Uundergraduate Medical Students in the UK or Ireland

Biomedical Vacation Scholarships

Study subjects: Medicine and related fields (please see below)
Scholarship Level: Undergraduate
Scholarship Provider: Wellcome Trust
Scholarship can be taken at: UK, Republic of Ireland

Scholarship Description
These awards provide promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of research during the summer vacation, with the aim of encouraging them to consider a career in research.

Applicants must be at a university within the UK or Republic of Ireland and should be one of the following:
  • an undergraduate in the middle year of a first degree (i.e. not the first or last year) and registered for a basic science, dentistry or veterinary degree
  • a medical student between the end of the second year and the end of the penultimate year.
  • Medical students who have completed an intercalated BSc year, and graduate entry medical students who have completed a previous undergraduate degree in a science related subject, are not eligible to apply for a Biomedical Vacation Scholarship.
  • Scholarships are not available for the completion of student projects that are part of the normal degree course, or for students wishing to undertake research in laboratories outside the UK or Republic of Ireland.
  • There may be only one application per candidate or supervisor. Awards are not transferable.
Selection criteria: Applications will be assessed according to criteria that focus on the candidate’s academic record and the project proposed.

Eligible groups
Undergraduate students of a basic science, dentistry or veterinary degree; and medical students

NOTE: Preference will be given to undergraduates with no previous research experience.

Participating Institutions
Any approved university within the UK or Republic of Ireland

NOTE: Students are encouraged to arrange their scholarship away from their usual place of study, in order to broaden their experience.

Fields of study
Scholarship holders in the past have included students of biological sciences, including biology, sports science and pharmacy, as well as medics, vets, dentists and optometrists.

Students focusing on natural sciences or computing degrees would be welcome to use this scheme as a taster for research in the biomedical sciences. A suitably focused biomedical research project would be required.

Scholarship benefits
Scholarships are available for up to eight weeks' work and currently provide a stipend of £180 (£190 in London) per week. Research expenses are not provided.

Method of Application
Application forms [Word 874KB] should be completed and submitted in hard copy by the published deadline. Applications must be submitted by the project supervisor, on behalf of the student.

The Trust does not assist in the organisation of project placements; students should contact prospective supervisors themselves.

Students and supervisors should develop the project and application together. The application should be a project which can be realistically undertaken within a maximum of 8 weeks. The student should not be viewed as an extra pair of hands in the host laboratory.

General enquiries should be directed to

Application Deadline: 17th February 2012 (annually)
The 2011/2012 competition is now closed. Decisions on the applications submitted to the 17 February 2012 deadline will be announced in May 2012. Details of next year’s competition will be announced in autumn 2012.
Open to International students: No

Resource: A report [Word 402KB] is available containing some statistical information about the Biomedical Vacation Scholarship scheme, its history, plus abstracts from a selection of projects funded in 2011.

More Scholarship Information and Application

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