Humanities and Social Science Positions in Belgium for Developing Countries PhD Candidates

Positions for Doctoral Candidates

Course(s) Offered: Humanities, Social sciences
Course Level: Postgraduate (PhD, research)
Provider: K.U.Leuven
Country to Study in: Belgium

Scholarship Description
The Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences offers a high-quality PhD Programme in all research areas. This is a call from the Catholic University Leuven to developing country doctoral students.

The Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Catholic University Leuven, currently of the 2011/2012 session has 18 research projects available for doctoral candidates (project leading to a PhD) from developing countries.

Applicants must have finished a masters degree.

Specific eligibility criteria should be got from the official website (link to it is below).

Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries of the developing world

Participating Institutions
The Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Catholic University Leuven; Belgium

Fields of study
Doctoral level research areas in the field of Humanities, including Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Educational Sciences, Law, Arts, Economics and Business Economics, and Social Sciences.

Doctoral students play an active role in the programme and are required to complete a number of courses and seminars and participate in conferences, etc related to their chosen area of academic research.

Scholarship benefits
PhD scholarships will be offered

Method of Application
Contact the provider at the address below

Doctoral School Humanities and Social Sciences
Blijde-Inkomststraat 5
B-3000 Leuven

Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences (homepage)

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